Is a Honda xr250r a good bike?

Is a Honda xr250r a good bike?

The Honda XR250 is a good bike that is very reliable and fun to ride, it can be ridden fast on the right terrain (no jumps) and is not tiring to ride, but for jumps and aggressive riding it needs firmer suspension and a bit more power.

How fast is a 2002 xr250r?

The tire size was 80/100-21 front and 100/100-18 rear. It had 13–48 tooth gearing and a stock top speed of around 66 mph at 8000 rpm.

How much does a Honda xr400 weight?

Honda XR 400R

Make Model Honda XR 400R
Ground Clearance 310 mm / 12.2 in
Dry Weight 116.5 kg / 257 lbs
Wet Weight 125 kg / 276 lbs
Fuel Capacity 9.5 Litres / 2.5 US gal

What is best year Honda xr250r?

1996 and newer are the latest updated models, so 96-04 are the best years for the XR250.

How much horsepower does an xr250r have?

Honda XR 250R

Make Model Honda XR 250R
Ignition CDI type magnetic Ignition System
Starting Kick
Max Power 30 hp / 21.9 kW @ 9000 rpm
Max Torque 24.5 Nm / 18 ft. lbs @ 7500 rpm

Are Honda XR400 good bikes?

The XR400R is the best bike for riding with your friends. It is a great play bike for riders who know what they’re doing. I have been riding it for 8 months straight and the bike and I are like one. The 400 has blown away any bike we have gone up against.

What was the year of the Honda XR250R?

Despite several major changes for 1996, the new XR250R remains somewhat overshadowed by all the press attention given to it’s bigger sibling, the XR400R. Here to rectify the quandary we’ve contributed to is a detailed report of our experience with Honda’s quarter liter XR — one year later.

Is the Honda XR250R a good trail bike?

The xr250 is an excellent trail machine, good power, reliable. When weather is cold it does take some know how to start, but when you figure it out it is very good. Not a racer, but on all of those horse trails who needs to go fast. It will get you there.

What kind of bulb does a Honda XR250R use?

In the event it is needed, Honda offers an optional 55W bulb over the stock 35W. A short 55.1 inch wheelbase combined with a 24 degree rake make for a fast-handling unit. However, straight line stability is slightly compromised as a result.

How big are the forks on a Honda XR250R?

Suspending the XR up front is a pair of fat 41mm cartridge forks with 10.6 inches of front wheel travel and 20-position compression damping adjustments. The new configuration reduces underhang significantly over the old design.