What happens if a housemate moves out?

What happens if a housemate moves out?

The unauthorized departure of a roommate gives the landlord the option of ending the tenancy altogether—even if the remaining cotenants can still pay the rent. That’s because even one roommate’s leaving early violates the lease: All cotenants named in the lease agreed to stay in the rental for a certain amount of time.

What to do if your roommate doesn’t pay their share of rent?

If your roommate isn’t paying their share of the rent, try discussing it first. Let them know how much harder it is for you when their portion of the rent is late. Talk about the eviction risk you both face if the roommate doesn’t pay up. If that’s not effective, discuss your options with your landlord.

Can a landlord evict a roommate who does not pay rent?

If you are the only person on the rental or lease agreement, you are effectively the landlord for other roommates. Being the landlord entitles you to evict a roommate who does not pay rent on-time. Just reminding your roommate that you have this right may be enough to get them to start making rent payments on-time.

What happens if your roommate fails to pay your utilities?

You need to be sure the bills are being paid and you know your roommate is being honest about your portion of the bill. Your roommate’s failure to pay utilities in their name won’t affect your credit unless you’re also listed on the account. However, your roommate’s failure to pay can leave you in the dark or without water.

What do you need to know about a roommate agreement?

A roommate agreement is one way to keep everything in order. You can both sign off on your commitments, including everything from who is paying rent and utilities and when to what happens if someone moves out early.

What happens if you don’t pay your roommates rent?

When roommates move out and don’t pay their share of the rent, you (and the other roommates) must pay the rent in full or face eviction. You can try to collect rent from the nonpaying roommate. If friendly measures don’t work, consider suing your roommate in small claims court. You Can’t Evict!

What to do if your roommate is late on rent?

A Roommate Agreement won’t change your obligations to pay the rent to the landlord, but it does give you more leverage to recover money from your roommate if he or she owes you for back rent payments. Signing a roommate agreement may also make your late-paying roommate take their rental payment obligations more seriously.

Can a roommate move in without a lease?

Most landlords allow roommates to share a home as long as all parties sign the lease or rental agreement, and are officially tenants, with a direct relationship with the landlord. However, there are instances when a significant other or a friend moves in your rental unit without the landlord’s knowledge.

What to do if your roommate is living under a sublease?

If your roommate was living in the rental under a sublease or assignment, it’s possible that you won’t have a copy. You can request a copy from your landlord. A sublease or assignment agreement will likely state the exact amount of rent your roommate was responsible for. Roommate agreement.