What happens to the water bill after a foreclosure?

What happens to the water bill after a foreclosure?

If the seller doesn’t pay it (rarely happens) the final amount due (usually a small amount) is added to the new owner’s bill because it is tied to the property address. I’ve had a couple foreclosure/short sale closings this week and the process is a little different there, which is what made me think of this post.

Who is responsible for unpaid water and sewer bills?

Many people don’t realize that water/sewer service is attached to a property address rather than a person. If there are unpaid gas or electric bills after transfer of ownership, the previous owner is still responsible.

What happens if there is unpaid water bill when you sell a house?

But if there are unpaid water/sewer bills, the new owner is ultimately responsible because it is tied to the address, not the owner. What happens in a traditional home sale is a final water meter reading is requested shortly before closing.

Is there federal relief for water and sewer bills?

The good news is that the recent federal COVID-19 relief packages – including President Biden’s American Rescue Plan enacted in March 2021 – provide billions of dollars that can help low-income families struggling to pay their water and sewer bills.

When do water and sewer charges become a lien?

All overdue water and sewer charges are considered a lien against your property. Under new legislation passed January 27, 2017, the City has the authority to sell this lien to a third party, or lienholder, in a process called a lien sale. The following property types are eligible for the 2019 lien sale:

When to sell your water and sewer charges?

Eligible customers who do not arrange for payment before the deadline on the lien sale notice will have their water and sewer charges sold in the lien sale.

How to pay off water and sewer charges in NYC?

If you wish to enter a payment agreement to pay off outstanding water and sewer charges, please contact us at 718-595-7890 or [email protected] Property owners or their representatives should attempt to pay before the deadline on the notice to ensure timely processing and to prevent the sale of the lien (s).

Who is responsible for overdue water and sewer charges?

The death of the signatory to the agreement, of any person named on the deed for the property or of a contributing household member**.