What was the cause of the northeast floods in 1996?

What was the cause of the northeast floods in 1996?

The Northeast Floods of January 1996 were the result of a very rapid snowmelt punctuated by a short but intense rainfall; 2 to 4 inches of rain. What made this event so unusual was the nature and the intensity of the snowmelt, combined with the intense rainfall for this time of year, over such a large geographical area.

Where was the most severe storm in New England?

One of the most destructive and powerful storms ever to strike Long Island and southern New England. Severe flooding occurred across almost all of the region’s rivers. Most severe across New England. The Hudson River at Albany reached 16.5 feet. Severe flood in upper Mohawk area including record flood on East Canada Creek at Dolgeville, 15.1 feet.

When did Hurricane Bertha hit the east coast?

Hurricane Bertha was an early season Category 2 storm when it made landfall on the coast of North Carolina on July 12, 1996. The storm continued up the east coast into southeast New England. Heavy rains of 5 to 7 inches were reported in the Lower to Mid Hudson Valley and in the Catskills.

Where was the worst flood in New York State?

Worst regional flood across the area since the New Years Flood nearly 30 years earlier. An early warm spell with temperatures into the 70s and 80s, combined with a heavy snowpack, and 3 inches of rain produced a record flood on the Mohawk River at Little Falls and near record flood on Kaydeross in the Saratoga area.

How often are 24h and 72h rainfall maps updated?

Data Update Cycle: The 1-hr mosaic is updated every 5 min (approx). All other mosaics are now updated hourly, including the 48h and 72h maps. This schedule replaces the previous update cycle, which limited hourly updates to the 3h, 6h, 12h, and 24h mosaics, while 48h and 72h maps were generated once daily.

Where was the worst affected area of the storm?

The worst affected area was southern Scotland… On 8 December 2011, a deep Atlantic low pressure system brought very strong winds across the northern half of the UK. Scotland bore the brunt of the storm…

Where was the flooding on Friday 7th January?

Heavy rainfall on Friday 7th January led to flooding in Carlisle on Saturday 8th.. Heavy and thundery downpours over northern England resulted in flooding around the North York Moors… Strong winds caused problems to transport, as well as power supplies, with heavy rain in East Anglia…

How to find the past weather in your area?

Finding past weather…Fast First, find the location you need climate data for on the following map: https://www.weather.gov/ and click on that… The Web site of the local WFO will then appear. On the left side of the page there will be a section called Climate in… Several links may appear in the