Which is the highest selling workout video of all time?

Which is the highest selling workout video of all time?

Jane Fonda: The Workout. The Workout works your whole body, by combining low impact and high intensity movements. According to the Jane Fonda website, it is the highest-selling workout video of all time.

Which is the best workout video for home use?

P90X is one of the best workout videos of all time for building muscle mass at home. The revolutionary 90-day extreme challenge is from personal trainer, author and actor Tony Horton, who generated a cult-like following by touting “muscle confusion” to explain the effectiveness of his technique.

What to look for in a workout video?

And it’s not just a matter of motivation: Plenty of the best workout videos or DVDs can also deliver real results, whether you want to sculpt a stronger upper body, slim your thighs or firm your glutes. As for what to look for in a top workout video, what’s most important is that you feel inspired and energized by the instruction.

Which is the best workout DVD for weight loss?

It is effective for creating a firm rear end. This DVD is perfect for the time-crunched individual. According to Fitness Magazine, each workout burns approximately 350 calories. It provides three workouts in 30 minutes or less, including cardio, strength and stretching.

How can I Sell my online workout videos?

Selling online workout videos doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Your content is universal, attractive and searched for – worldwide! Selling online workout videos using Video-On-Demand paywall means going global! Why sell DVD only on your home market, if you can simply upload your workouts online and offer them to a far wider audience?

Where can I Sell Cleeng play workout videos?

3. We’ve gained significant experience while working with many major players of the fitness industry such as: Barrecore or FusionFitness. If you already have videos uploaded to platforms we work with – Vimeo or Brightcove – you can sell your workouts using Cleeng Play .

Is there a market for fitness DVD videos?

It is obvious that people are willing to pay for fitness workouts. The market for DVD drives is slowly dying. Fewer computers are produced with DVD drives, while consumers are switching to mobiles and tablets with WiFi access – for good! Selling online workout videos doesn’t have to be difficult or costly.

Where can I Sell my videos for free?

Uscreen is another place to sell your videos online. Here you can set your own price. Videos can be sold as subscriptions, one-time payment, rentals, or simply made available for free. However, Uscreen is not perfect for all types of videos.