Forage Bow Ties – Rad Giveaway !!!

*GIVE AWAY ENDED SUNDAY – The winner will be announced this week – 7-25-11*

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the oh so awesome Forage Bowties! Here is a little bit of why I love them.

Ok so I own a handful of bowties, but by far my favorite one is by Forage. Below you can see some photos of me with the awesome bowtie I have from them. I have yet been able to find a cut on a bow tie that I like as much as I like theirs. Forage bowties have a slim feel that I really like and it doesn’t feel bulky under your neck like some of the other bowties I have had before. Plus the bowties come in one heck of a rad package!


Here is more of a description straight from Shauna & Stephen at Forage: Our hand crafted bow ties are self tying and adjustable in length. if you don’t know how to tie a bow tie – you’re gonna need some practice! each bow tie is part of a limited edition and has a discrete vintage woven label (for authenticity). they are shipped in a printed mason box with metal tab closures, and packed with shredded kraft paper to keep them safe and sound until their arrival.

Well now here is the part I’m sure you all are wishing I would hurry up and get to, here is the giveaway of this rad Forage bowtie!


So go check out Forage and then come back and tell me which bow tie is your favorite! *Make sure you leave an email or your blog hot linked so I have a way to contact the winner. If you don’t I’ll have to choose some one else! I’ll use a random number generator to decide who the winner is! If you don’t win order you one anyone asap! Also, ladies they now have bowties for you as well! This giveaway will end Sunday at 10:00pm, so jump on it!

Thank you Forage for this fabulous giveaway!

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Petaluma Supply Co. - We just started carrying Forage Bow Ties and they are amazing. The quality and craftsmanship definitely show in these amazing Bow Ties.

Melissa Anderson - My favorites are the amber gingham and the mint green!

Robert Sieg - The plum one is the best. But great ones, all!

Matt Britton - Happy Birthday is my fave!

Steven Haddox - Hands down, the multi-color gingham:

Woot for FORAGE! I hope they have another year of awesome success :)

Tobi Weldon - amber gingham is my fave for my hubby…..

I love these bowties – I think it is time for the hubs to rock one :)

Jeromy Reaux - I’ve never worn a bow tie & always wanted one! I’m not sure if I’m cool enough to pull off the pastels, haha, but I really like the happy birthday print.

Laura Reaux - Oh my goodness, I love the Katrina ladies bow tie! I’d for sure have to do a photo shoot with me in that one. :)

Dwight - If you are going to do it go big or go home.

This one

Annie - I love the Katarina :)

Mike Rock -

These are indeed pretty awesome.

Kris - birthday one. hands down.

Gary S Chaffins - awesome ties love the soft blue

Johnny - I love the plum colored bowtie, the richness of the violet is enticing.

Greg Schneider - I really like the black gingham. It’s fairly simple, and most fall/earth colors don’t look the best on me.

Behind that, the navy plaid is my favorite for a general wear.

Dan - Wow, like so many, I love the amber gingham. Fantastic colors!

Brian - I’m a huge fan of the mint green.

Joshua Gull - I’m with Gabe. The happy birthday one is where it’s at.

Aly - I love the Spring fever : Sky, Charcoal, seersucker
I also love the Barn sale collection: navy woven

Jacqueline L. - The multi-gingham bow tie is too fun! =)

gabe aceves - you guys are rad. happy birthday or soft blue, surpise me :)

Tim - I love the Metallic Stripes!

Jarrod reno - The navy plaid!

Lucy Blaire - The multi or the amber gingham. I can’t decide!

corissa - i love the happy birthday one!

sarah der - oooo!!!!! I have been trying to get the husband to wear a bow tie foreverrrrrr. But I really like the Birthday Bow Tie! :)

Kenneth - The Happy Birthday one!

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