Best Work from Home Apps for Maximum Productivity

With the eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, the work-from-home trend has seen a massive hike. The restrictions on public gatherings and avoiding social distances had led businesses and enterprises to work from home. According to a survey in 2019, it was revealed that around 30 percent of U.S residents worked remotely full time. While 62% of the American residents worked from home regularly.

Today most of the remote workers who were working from home have now set up their own businesses. Those of you who are about to start working remotely must have some essential tools and belongings to get started.

The foremost important thing is to have an internet connection from a reliable provider. It is not an easy job to search for a reliable provider as not every service provider is available in every area. However, when it comes to spectrum internet español, it is available in more than 40 states across the United States, which might help you get the services in your area.

Internet is not only what you require to work from home or remotely. You need to check other tools and apps to help you start working remotely. Let’s take a look at some of the best work-from-home apps.


Most work-from-home jobs require you to do similar tasks, which might give you tantrums of dullness. But wait for a while because technological innovation and the release of new apps and tools have already eased our work. You don’t require to do monotonous tasks as Zapier is here to set you free from the shackles of tedious tasks and allow you to automate them.

Zapier is one in all tool that helps you synchronize with apps and platforms like Dropbox, Gmail, Outlook, Slack, and Google Drive. Moreover, it can also incorporate pre-designed templates to share content across a multitude of social platforms, save files to the cloud, and send messages to leads.


Zoom was the most popular app during the time of the pandemic, as most organizations and individuals relied heavily on it to communicate with one another. Whether it be working from home or some shared office space, Zoom helps you to hold conferences on the go. And the best part of Zoom is that it offers a free plan to help you call on video face to face without any limits. While for conferences, it can let 100 participants join in for 40 minutes. If you are looking for longer meetings, you need to subscribe to a pro package, which helps you keep a recording of 1Gb.


When it comes to working from home, most people find themselves distracted. The reason is that social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook distract them all. While at times due to your lethargic nature, you might not be able to focus much on your tasks.

Freedom is one of the best apps to download to avoid the magnetic world of the internet. The app can be synchronized across all devices, which is quite helpful if you are working on different devices and want to avoid distraction on all of them.



A Virtual Private Network or VPN is also needed for remote workers as it prevents them from getting exposed to hackers and scammers. Due to limited resources, it is not possible to deploy high-level security to avoid cyber security issues.

Whether it is protecting your identity online, securing your personal and sensitive information, or accessing restricted websites in your area, ExpressVPN has got you covered. The plan for 12 months comes at a price of $6.67 per month, while if you choose only one month plan, it would cost $12.95.


Keeping track of your assigned tasks or completed tasks is a hell of a job. When it comes to managing your tasks, Asana is way better than any other project management tool. Whether you are working on a single project individually or working in collaboration with others, you can use Asana to add sub-task as well.

The tasks can be viewed in a list form, on board, or in calendar view. Moreover, commenting on each task is easy because everyone using Asana in your team can be tagged in it. So if you want to leave a message or require any changes, you can do it with ease.


Canva is one of the most recommended and trusted online tools to help you create graphics, banners, and so much more on one single platform. Canva is being widely used by webmasters, social media managers, and video creators to enhance their brand’s existence. If you are working as a freelancer, you can even earn money online by selling your service on Fiverr.

Summing Up

Working from home, remote working, or freelancing of them requires almost similar tools. If you want to be productive and get your work done in time, make sure to use the aforementioned tools.