Can I visit my son during basic training?

Can I visit my son during basic training?

Joe to answer your question no, no one can visit you in basic except drill sergeants. They will be your friends and families for the time that your here. So at the end of it (basic training), they (your family) can visit on family day, but while your training no visitors.

How much money do you get coming out of basic training?

Every enlisted recruit starts out as an E1, and can expect an annual salary of around $20,170.80. BMT is 10 weeks, so the average E1 payment for basic training is around $3,800 plus meals and housing.

How fast can you get into basic training?

You report for 10 week basic training, either directly or within a year. If you report to basic training under direct ship, that means you may head out within days. When exactly you head out depends on your job assignment. Your recruiter will provide you details on when and where you will be going for basic training.

How long are showers in basic training?

The maximum time is about 10 minutes when you sit down. After only getting 2 to 3 minutes to eat, 10 minutes seems like a leisurely pace. Showers are also have to be brief. There are 60 airmen all trying to get a shower in a very limited time.

Can you go home for Christmas during basic training?

The Army is the only branch of the military that honors the Christmas Exodus break for all recruits who are in basic training and AIT. Basically, the Army shuts down all of its training schools during exodus to allow their drill sergeants and instructors to have a break at Christmas.

Can you talk to family during basic training?

Recruits in many Army basic training platoons are now allowed to use personal cell phones to call friends and families, send text messages, and update their social media status.

Where did my son go to Air Force basic training?

Our son had his cell phone with him and called us several times before he boarded the military bus for his trip to Lackland, but it was a day before we heard from him again. His initial Air Force call came late the next evening and the stress he was feeling was apparent as he hurriedly attempted to give his sleepy father his new address.

Where can I find pictures of my son in basic training?

The Air Force Basic Military Training wall is another great way to get information about your airman and your airman’s flight. They post pictures of your airman during BMTS-usually by their 4th or 5th week of training. I was so thankful for the pictures they posted of my son when he was gone.

How to contact Fort Benning basic training reception?

Possibly. The contract has changed hands a few different times. Depending on when you were at Fort Benning you will need to contact either Leonard Studios (706) 687-5509 or Basic Video Productions, (210) 695-4979. How long will my Soldier be in basic training reception?

What happens in the first week of basic training?

0 Week: Your airman receives his first military haircut and uniforms, is a assigned a flight and training instructor, and tries to settle into his new temporary home. He also begins a vigorous exercise program. Week 1: During his first full week at basic training your airman learns what’s expected of him in the upcoming weeks.

When did my daughter go to basic training?

My friends daughter did Army basic last February–she just finished her training school and is on leave for the next few weeks (a “working leave” kind of thing–she will help recruiters or something before reporting to Fort Brag). Apparently this isn’t the Army we grew up with–so it is a little bit nicer, but still strict.

How does one station unit training work at Fort Benning?

Infantry One Station Unit Training (OSUT) combines Basic Combat Training (BCT) with Advanced Individual Training (AIT) in one location at Fort Benning. Soldiers stay with the same class throughout Infantry training. Unlike many other MOS, Soldiers do not have to move to another installation after BCT to complete AIT.

How long does it take to get home from basic training?

The average length of time between home and being assigned to a basic training unit is 7-14 days. During this time your Soldier is traveling for 1-2 days and in processing for 3-4 days. However, keep in mind Soldiers only in process Monday through Friday, so if he arrives later in the week it will carry over to the following week.

What did DS take with him to basic training?

DS was given a VERY limited list of things he could take with him. He was told in no uncertain terms that anything outside that list would be taken and disposed of for good, not held for him so your son should be careful. He did take his phone and they removed and kept the battery.