Can you publish a book under any name?

Can you publish a book under any name?

You can publish under any name you want. When you publish your book, you can put any name you want in the “author” field. As Seth Godin told me, “do it under another name if you want.” If your ego is getting in the way, try a pen name.

Can a self-published book Make you a successful author?

With genre fiction, self-publishing can turn you into a successful author (if you can build a platform, if you enjoy marketing and are good at it, if you are lucky). But an author who writes literary fiction is dependent on critical acclaim and literary prizes to build their reputation and following.

Is it better to publish a lot of books at once?

Before you publish a book, there is so much you don’t know, and even more that you don’t know you don’t know. It’s better to publish a bunch of books, learning a little more each time, than to die with your first book still inside you, just because you were trying to make it perfect.

What can hold you back from self publishing?

Ego will hold you back from self publishing. It’s tempting to think of your book as being a “big deal.” We’re used to hearing about books taking years to publish. We assume all of that time is spent writing, but much of it is just because traditional publishing moves slowly. Instead, ego gets in the way.

Can you publish a book with Author Solutions?

You can publish a book with these companies with only a minimal investment in preparing your book. But unfortunately, some new authors continue to fall for the same old traps. If your goal is to become a published author, beware of publishers selling dreams. They can so quickly turn into nightmares. Writers beware! Author Solutions has a reputation

Are there any legitimate companies that publish books?

They usually offer to publish trade books and be a one-stop shop for publishing. But they never mention anything about selling your books to readers. A lot has been written about possible Page Publishing scams. Is it a legitimate company or not?

Is it possible to be scammed by a literary agent?

Don’t be fooled by scam agents. Here are some warning signals for new Indie authors. Reputable publishers and literary agents all have huge slush piles. So none of them would be asking you to make their pile even higher. If you are asked to submit your manuscript by someone you don’t know, especially by unsolicited email, DO NOT reply.

How does Author Solutions make money for authors?

In other words, unlike a traditional publisher, Author Solutions makes money from its Authors, not for them. It does so by selling books back to its authors, not to a general readership, and by selling its authors expensive publishing, editing, and marketing services that are effectively worthless.”