Do duplexes lose value?

Do duplexes lose value?

Duplexes behave a lot more like commercial real estate compared to single-family home properties as far as real estate values are concerned, particularly with real estate downturns. These properties can and do lose value when the market turns.

Where does my husband and I own a duplex?

My husband and I own a duplex unit that has an additional 400 square-foot studio apartment at the rear of the two-car detached garage. It is located in one of the “older” parts of town, is surrounded by lovely historic houses, and is considered to be a very “family friendly” neighborhood.

Why do people want to buy a duplex house?

A duplex house is a type of a luxurious house and people purchase them either for their own residential needs or as an investment property. Whatever the reason may be, if you are planning to purchase a duplex house, think carefully before making the deal.

How much does it cost to fix a duplex?

Frequently, the only charge is the minimal fee (ours is $35) to have someone come out and complete the repairs. This helps immensely when you are not a handyman, or like most folks, can’t take the day off work to go fix a problem in the duplex.

What are the responsibilities of an owner of a duplex?

First, be prepared to repair problems in the other duplex. As the owner, you are responsible to your tenant to repair or replace faulty equipment, plumbing, etc. This can involve quite a bit of time (depending on the situation) and money.

Is it legal to buy one half of a duplex?

In my area it is legally not possible to buy 1 half of a duplex. Duplexes are two units on one lot, and thus, by definition, always owned by the same person.

What’s the appeal of buying one side of a duplex?

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Do you get a tax write off when you buy a duplex?

You might already know that you get a tax write-off when you buy a home — you can deduct the mortgage interest you pay. If you buy a duplex and live in one side, you can write off only that side. But if you rent out the other side, there are additional write-offs.

What are the perks of owning a duplex?

Owning a duplex in Boston, MA, or Seattle, WA, has certain perks, like getting you into homeownership with some mortgage and tax advantages. Plus, if you rent out one side, renters can help pay that mortgage. Here’s five reasons why duplexes may be the hot new home type. 1. You get tax benefits