Do I have to be on my moms lease?

Do I have to be on my moms lease?

Technically it is. But as long as your mother pays the rent in full when it is due the landlord won’t be concerned about it. If she doesn’t you are still legally responsible and could still end up as a party in an eviction.

Do you own the house or apartment you lease?

Many people don’t own the house or apartment they live in. If you are renting or leasing from the landlord, your relationship is a legal one. Your rights and obligations depend partly on the terms of any agreement between you, and partly on the laws of the state, county or city where you live.

What happens if your roommate is not on your lease?

A tenant that has a roommate that is not on the lease is creating unnecessary liability for themselves. For example, if the roommate damages the rental to the tune of $1,000 the landlord will charge the tenant for those damages. The people who sign the lease are the ones responsible for rent, damages, and other items spelled out in the lease.

What’s the difference between a tenant and a leaseholder?

But if you invite or allow other people to live in the apartment with you, they are also called occupants. They are not leaseholders, however, unless they also sign a lease with the landlord. This means that their legal relationship, if any, is not with the landlord, but with you.

Who is a leaseholder and who is an occupant?

If you’ve signed a lease, you are a leaseholder with a direct, legal relationship with the landlord. A leaseholder is a person who has signed a lease with a landlord to rent real property for a stated amount of time. An occupant is someone who lives in the real property but did not necessarily sign a lease.

Can a mother and daughter house be rented out?

“Typically, a mother/daughter will have one entrance into a foyer of sorts. Then there will be separate access to the two apartments,” says Daniele Kurzweil, an agent with the Friedman Team at Compass . The other important thing to know about mother/daughter situations is that it cannot be rented out—because legally, the house is a one-family.

Can a person who is not on a lease live with you?

You would all be considered “tenants” on your lease and would be listed accordingly. If you rent an apartment and allow someone to live there who is not on the lease, this would be considered illegal. However, other people can live in an apartment with you if you are all listed as tenants.

How did my mother move into assisted living?

Over the next few hours, while I entertained my mother, they moved her belongings into a beautiful assisted living apartment, and arranged everything to replicate her home environment as much as possible. They did a fabulous job, and were exhausted from the effort.

What kind of House is a mother and daughter house?

A mother/daughter is a house with two, fully-equipped apartments in a one-family house. One key feature of a mother/daughter house is that the apartments share a main entrance. (An in-law apartment is a similar arrangement that typically has separate entrances.)