Do universities actually read your personal statement?

Do universities actually read your personal statement?

This gives you an opportunity to show that. There are some reports of unis not reading personal statements but by and large they will read it if they are considering your application. Every personal statement will be read by someone to check that the applicant is applying for the right course explains PQ.

What do they look for in a personal statement?

Your personal statement should include a brief overview of who you are, your strengths and any work experience and/or education you’ve got. Be sure to include skills you’ve gained, such as time management, customer service, teamwork, computer skills etc.

Do personal statements need to be double spaced?

Often, however, there will be little or no direction provided, simply a request for a statement. A general rule of thumb you might follow is to submit a 2-3 page statement, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, in 12-pt. Times New Roman font.