How do you quote a whole stanza?

How do you quote a whole stanza?

Typically, you would mention the author’s name and the name of the poem when introducing the quote. If you quote the entire stanza, then you would just use one number, such as three, to indicate which stanza you quoted.

How do you write a question in a poem?

How to Write a Question PoemTopic. To choose the topic for your question poem, first decide upon the tone: funny or serious. Brainstorm. Now it’s time to brainstorm. Structure. A question poem has a very loose style. Rhyme. Decide if you want the question poem to rhyme. Composition.

Can you ask a question in a poem?

Yep. Caps lock EVERY poem is a question – only some have more explicit clues as to the ‘answer’ than others. The best poetry offers up a direct message whilst posing ambiguous questions.

Can you use quotation marks in a poem?

Quoting Poetry When you quote a single line of poetry, write it like any other short quotation. Quote the poem line by line as it appears on the original page. Do not use quotation marks, and indent one inch from the left margin.