How does McMurphy manipulate the patients?

How does McMurphy manipulate the patients?

McMurphy’s manipulation calls attention to not only the patients, but the staff as well. For example, McMurphy convinces the men to conform against Nurse Ratched right before Part 2. He humiliates Nurse Ratched and at that point when “she realizes that she’s being stared at to- by all of the staff” (144).

How did McMurphy end up in the ward?

McMurphy introduces himself to the patients and tells them he was admitted into the mental hospital because of an incident at the work farm and the court labeled him as a psychopath because of his actions.

Is McMurphy mentally ill?

The fictional character that is described does not have a mental illness, but is malingering, or feigning a mental illness in order to avoid punishment for a crime, by spending his time in a mental institution rather than prison.

What does Nurse Ratched reveal about McMurphy?

Nurse Ratched tells McMurphy she can’t turn the music in the day room off because it would be unfair to the Chronics. She doesn’t want to start a second day room for the Acutes either because there aren’t enough staff to cover two rooms.

Why did McMurphy break the glass?

Ratched thinks that she has regained control, but, after the meeting, McMurphy calmly walks to the glass-enclosed Nurses’ Station where she is sitting. He says that he wants some of his cigarettes and punches his hand through the glass. He claims that the glass was so spotless that he forgot it was even there.

Why is the chief afraid of the pool?

Cheswick is let down, McMurphy was his savior, and now he is just as vulnerable as everyone else, eventually this weighs on him too much and he drowns himself in the pool. Why is the Chief afraid of the pool? Chief thinks that the pool is going to be swept out into the ocean.

How does Cheswick die?

Cheswick, a man of much talk and little action, drowns in the pool—possibly a suicide—after McMurphy does not support Cheswick when Cheswick takes a stand against Nurse Ratched.

Why does bromden disapprove of McMurphy breaking the window?

Why does Bromden fear that everyone knows that he is not really deaf? He voted in the Ward Meeting about the World Series. Ratched disagrees; she declares instead that McMurphy is an ordinary man, subject to the same fears and timidity as the others.

What does the dog symbolize in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?

When Chief observes the dog from the hospital window, the reader is inclined to believe the dog symbolizes McMurphy. The dog casts a long shadow and lolls on the grass in the moonlight. He recounts that the dog runs toward the road as he hears “a car speed up out of a turn.

Why does Nurse Ratched keep McMurphy in the ward?

She chooses to keep McMurphy on the ward to prevent him from attaining the status of a martyr. Ratched would rather confront McMurphy directly. She is comforted to know that she has complete control over his future, and that once he realizes it too, he will not dare to disobey her.