How is the inspector presented in Inspector Calls essay?

How is the inspector presented in Inspector Calls essay?

Inspector Goole is presented as an omnipotent, powerful figure throughout the play; his presence immediately has the power to change the light and cheerful atmosphere of the Birlings’ dinner party. The lighting changes from “pink and intimate” to “brighter and harder” once the inspector arrives.

Who does the inspector represent in An Inspector Calls?

The moralistic figure that opposes the Birlings, Inspector Goole represents compassion and concern for the masses, although the way in which he achieves it is somewhat lacking in morals sometimes.

Is the inspector in an inspector calls a ghost?

At the end of the play it is discovered that Inspector Goole does not actually exist, that if he is a real person he does not work for the police, and the fact that he knew how each member of the family had been in contact with Eva seems a little unreal, or supernatural like a ghost.

What is the inspectors role in the play?

Inspector Goole presents himself to the Birlings and Gerald as a police officer who has come to investigate the suicide of a young woman, Eva Smith. During the play he: interrupts the celebratory dinner.

Is Inspector Goole Eva’s dad?

Is Inspector Goole Eva’s dad? His father, Sir George Croft, owns Crofts Limited, and his mother is called Lady Croft, which indicates that she holds a peerage. When he learns of Eva Smith’s sacking from Mr Birling’s factory, Gerald sides with Mr Birling.

Did Inspector Goole kill Eva Smith?

After Goole left the Birling household he killed Eva by forcing her to drink disinfectant. She turned up at the infirmary and it was declared a suicide.

Did Eva Smith really die?

He tells them how a girl called Eva Smith has killed herself by drinking disinfectant – he wants to ask them some questions. The Inspector reveals that the girl used to work in Arthur Birling’s factory and he had her sacked for going on strike. Mr Birling refuses to accept any responsibility for her death.

Who really is Inspector Goole?

By the end of the play it is revealed that he isn’t actually an Inspector. It is not entirely clear who he is, Priestley leaves it up to the audience to decide.

Who killed Eva in Inspector Calls?

Eva Smith is killed by the selfishness of others. She was dismissed from her first job at Birlings for protestsing for worker’s rights, then sacked from her job at Milwards at the whim of Sheila Birling. She loses her virtue to the predatory but weak Gerald Croft and becomes pregnant by the spineless Eric Birling.

Is Inspector Goole a time Traveller?

The Inspector is considered a time traveler “’. As if he is a man who has traveled back in time to tell everyone back in 1912 (when the room has been created), which is approaching here two world wars. This is another effect used by JB Priestley to recognize this game as a message to the people of the world.

Why did Eva Smith ask for more money?

Eva Smith shows that she is strong willed when she organises a strike for higher wages. This shows that she is not afraid to stand up to ‘hard-headed’ business men like Mr Birling. Birling: “…she’d been working in one of our machine shops for over a year.

What did Eric do to Eva Smith?

It turns out that Eric had an affair with Eva Smith and that she was pregnant with Eric’s baby when she committed suicide. Eric stole money from his father’s business to help Eva. In the final act Eric makes an emotional attack on his parents and their values and shows that he can be assertive.

Why did Eva refuse ERIC money?

When he next met Daisy, he found out that she was pregnant. They both knew that they weren’t in love and marriage wasn’t an option but Eric wanted to help by giving her money. She refused to accept the money when she found out Eric had stolen it from his father’s business.

What does Eva Smith Symbolise?

Eva smith, represents not only responsibility but forces the Birling family to feel and accept their guilt. She is the symbol of the working class within a capitalist society; ‘smith’ being a common surname represents the common working man and more specifically woman.

How did Eric know Eva Smith?

Eric reveals that he first met Eva Smith in the Palace bar last November. Eva was at the bar because “there was some woman who wanted her to go there.” Eric bought her a few drinks, took her back to her lodgings, made a ruckus (he was quite drunk), and made her let him in.

How much more money did Eva Smith want?

Arthur describes why he dismissed Eva: she was the normal wage, but joined with other laborers to ask for a raise of three shillings a week.

Who does Eric blame for Eva’s death?

Eric confesses that he got Eva Smith pregnant and that he stole money from his father’s firm to support her. Eric learns that his mother had refused to help Eva Smith. He blames his mother for Eva’s death. The Birling family begin to accuse one another angrily.

Why did Eva Smith get sacked by Mr Birling?

Mr Birling had Eva sacked as she was the ringleader of a group of workers who had asked for higher pay. Mr Birling still can’t see how he has anything to do with Eva’s death.

Who was most responsible for Eva Smith’s death?

Mrs Birling

How does Priestley present selfishness and its effects?

The theme of selfishness is central to An Inspector Calls. Priestley questions the morality of the Birling and Croft family and points out behaviours that are selfish. He also points to the wider selfishness of a society that is driven by profit and with no structured welfare system to support vulnerable people.