How many communities can you create on Hello?

How many communities can you create on Hello?

Communities have a customizable profile, a folio with all its tagged jots, and a community chat. Any hello user can create a community once they have established their reputation in the community’s parent personas — up to a lifetime maximum of 100 communities. Initially, as we rollout communities, you are limited to creating two per day.

How do I connect to Hello mobile network?

Follow the instructions below to configure your APN settings and connect to the Hello Mobile Network. Data Settings for Android Devices Go to Settings and locate Wi-Fi & Mobile Data & make sure both are turned ON.

Is there a data slow down on Hello mobile?

No regrets Hello Mobile is doing just fine no data slow down. As long as this keeps going this way I’m good. Thank you Hello Mobile it has been a smart move for me. Was having my data slowed down at Mint Mobile before I got into 2 weeks of the month No slow down with Hello Mobile.

Where do I Find my sim card in Hello mobile?

Customers with multi-line plans will receive an upgraded SIM Card for each line. Each SIM Card will then be sent separately, and customers will receive tracking details for each order. You’ll also find the last four digits of the new SIM Card under each of

Are there any layaway programs for mobile homes?

Sears has an 8-week layaway program that will help you with home improvement and appliances. Mobile Home Parts Store offers a layaway program to get all your mobile home supplies for your remodeling project over time. It’s a great way to tackle one project at a time without a loan.

Can a mobile home be moved to a new location?

The mobile home should be in a location that you are happy with, whether it is in a park or on its own lot. Yes, mobile homes can be moved, but it is VERY expensive to do so. Can I Repair My Mobile Home Myself?

Can a DIYer live in a mobile home?

Many mobile home owners are DIYers and appreciate the opportunity to make their homes grow with them. It’s a good idea to check if additions are allowed in your area. Some mobile home parks won’t allow you to add on to your home, or they’ll only allow certain types of projects.

Is it safe to live in a manufactured home community?

Living in a Manufactured Home Community Living in a manufactured home community should be a healthful, safe and enjoyable experience similar to living in a subdivision of site-built homes. To help assure this, many aspects of manufactured home communities are regulated by state laws and rules.