Is 883 police a designer brand?

Is 883 police a designer brand?

A designer clothing brand now favoured the world over by men, women and children, it has come a long way since first launching in italy back in 1995 – and a quick through its collection makes it easy enough to see why.

Who are 883 Police?

About 883 Police Founded in 1995, 883 Police is an authentically Italian retailer of fashion items, drawing from the style and quality of its textile traditions. The company is constantly working to evolve with the fashion trends and the world of denim and to continue designing exquisite pieces of clothing.

Where are 883 Police from?

The 883 Police brand was born in Italy in 1995. Synonymous with style and quality Italy is globally known for its great textile traditions and is universally recognised as an icon of excellence in denim manufacturing. 883 Police has over 200 years of combined experience and expertise in denim evolution.

Are police clothing brands?

In 1997 Police launched its first perfume range and in 2003 its first watch collection. The company launched its first apparel collection in 2013.

What are cops considered?

Police officer

Activity sectors Law enforcement, public safety, civil service, public service rescue, protection of private property
Education required Secondary or tertiary education
Fields of employment Public areas