Is the Army National Guard retained issue of Ocie?

Is the Army National Guard retained issue of Ocie?

ODCS, G-4, DALO-SPT will review this appendix annually and update as necessary in coordination with U.S. Army Materiel Command G-4, TACOM CMO, National Guard Bureau G-4, and United States Army Reserve G-4. The ETS retained list consists of items that are deemed uneconomical for the government to recover and reutilize.

When do you leave the Army National Guard?

Soldiers will retain these items from initial issue until the Soldier reaches ETS. Officers will return OCIE items when they leave the Army for the Individual Ready Reserve or resign their commission.

Can a National Guard officer be released from active duty?

Army National Guard and Army Reserve officers in the AGR Program who, pursuant to selection by an AGR Release From Active Duty (REFRAD) Board or Active Service Management Board (ASMB), have been selected to be involuntarily released from the AGR Program.

Are there regulations for the Army National Guard?

Although policies and regulations provide guidance to the Army National Guard, they often do not take into account the problems associated with our “little” armies. The National Guard assumes more risk within their AMEDD community as both the talent pool and possible assignment billets are limited.

Can a National Guard officer be removed from active duty?

An officer who is retained on active duty or full-time National Guard duty under this section may not be removed from an active status while on that duty.

What happens when you resign from the National Guard?

A resigning Guard member will not receive any of those increases, so the cost of avoiding mobilization is a retirement frozen at the pay tables in effect at resignation– which by age 60 may be decades old and without any pay raises or longevity increases. The Reserve Survivor Benefit Plan

Can you become a captain in the National Guard?

If you’re an officer candidate or company-grade officer, the National Guard can help you complete your bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution prior to your promotion to the rank of captain.

Can a member of the Army National Guard retire?

Yes, you’re eligible for an Army National Guard retirement, because you received your Notice of Eligibility before you separated from the IRR.