What are Gmail add ons?

What are Gmail add ons?

Gmail add-ons are similar to extensions in that they are created to extend the functionality of Gmail. The difference between an extension and an add-on is that the add-on is installed into your G Suite app, not the browser. Remember: add-ons can be found in the G Suite Marketplace.

Where are notes stored in Gmail?

Originally Answered: How do I find my google keep notes in my gmail account? Assuming that the sync was completed before you uninstalled the app from your phone, you can see your notes by manually opening “https://keep.google.com ” from your phone browser or on a PC for that matter.

How do I enable notes in Gmail?

How to Add Notes in GmailSign in to your Gmail account.Open a new email, complete the To and Subject fields, and compose your message.At the bottom of the compose window, click on the Notes icon.Enter your note in the space provided.Click Save note.Your note will now appear when you hover over the Notes icon in your message.

Does Gmail have a Notes feature?

Gmail Notes lets you make notes in-line—for yourself or for others — right within Gmail. Here’s where things get particularly interesting: When you reply or forward an email in which you’ve made notes, a box will appear and ask if you want to include your notes with your outgoing message.

Where are iPhone notes stored in Gmail?

Gmail creates the new label called Notes when you enable Notes in Gmail as explained in section 2 above. Now to view the notes, log into your Gmail account on a browser or the app. On the browser, look for the Notes label in the left sidebar. On the mobile app, swipe right from the left sidebar and tap on Notes.