What are HYIP projects?

What are HYIP projects?

A HYIP project means a financial pyramid, the organizers of which promise to receive high incomes in the shortest possible time. The size of the expected profit is several times higher than the initial investment, but as a result, the hype quickly ceases to exist.

Which HYIP is the best to invest?

List of Top Bitcoin HYIP Investment Sites

  1. Roiforex. ROIForex is formed by combining the global super traders.
  2. Tokenizer. Using digital tokens like Bitcoins, Tokenizer is one of the best HYIP investment sites for investors.
  3. XCH Money.
  4. HotMoneyDog.
  5. Bitco Invest.
  6. Kirkland felt.

What is wrong with PetronPay?

PetronPay is an investment scam that has been blacklisted by the Swiss financial regulator FINMA. If you don’t want to lose money, stay away from it! Investing is a legitimate opportunity, but it is not easy to make money in it. You will get virtual money and you can test investing in oil for example.

What does HYIP stand for in investment category?

HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. A program which pay very high profit in a very short time. Example – 105% after 1 day. Which means if someone invest $100 in a HYIP then he will get $105 returned after 1 day. Check our Top HYIP below.

How does HYIP monitor high yield investment programs?

We invest in every High Yield Investment Program website listed here and check the payments daily to guarantee the actual HYIP status 24/7. We do not offer any proprietary high-risk investment products, so we can provide you with unbiased evaluations and analysis in choosing the appropriate investment solutions.

Which is the best HYIP monitor to use?

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