What are the examples of comparative research?

What are the examples of comparative research?

Examples of ongoing comparative research surveys include the Gallup Polls (since 1945), the General Social Survey (since 1972), the Eurobarom√®tre (since 1973), the European Community Household Study (since 1994), and the International Social Survey Program (ISSP), which, since 1984, has conducted general social …

What research design is used in comparative study?

Comparative research studies essentially compare two different groups. These studies may be experimental or nonexperimental. Comparative studies often attempt to draw conclusions across nationalities or social groups, and they often include socioeconomic and demographic variables.

What is an example of causal comparative research?

In causal-comparative research, the researcher investigates the effect of an independent variable on a dependent variable by comparing two or more groups of individuals. For example, an educational researcher may want to determine whether a computer-based ACT program has a positive effect on ACT test scores.

What is a quasi experiment example?

This is the most common type of quasi-experimental design. Example: Nonequivalent groups design You hypothesize that a new after-school program will lead to higher grades. You choose two similar groups of children who attend different schools, one of which implements the new program while the other does not.

Is comparative research qualitative or quantitative?

Comparative research is used within most qualitative approaches, such as comparisons by core emic categories in ethnographic studies, within-case comparisons in phenomenology, case study comparisons, comparative politics, and examination of contrasts in narrative and discourse analysis.