What is a good score on the ISEE test?

What is a good score on the ISEE test?

What is considered a “good” ISEE score depends on the schools to which you’re applying. For many good private schools, a score of 5 or above is sufficient for entry. Some of the most competitive private schools, however, generally like to see scores of 7 or above.

Which is easier SSAT or ISEE?

The verbal section of the SSAT is more difficult than that of the ISEE, whereas the math section of the ISEE is more difficult than that of the SSAT. SSAT verbal isn’t only more difficult than ISEE verbal—it also makes up much more of the total exam score.

How is the ISEE test scored?

For raw scoring, each correct answer on the ISEE is worth one point, and no points are gained or lost for skipping a question or answering it incorrectly. The raw score is the sum of correctly-answered questions. That raw score is then scaled.

How quickly do you get ISEE results?

two weeks

How much is the ISEE test?

Fees for the ISEE Test A fee of $200 applies to ISEE test-takers who opt to take the test as part of a small group. To take the test independently costs $225. Individual tests are also given at Prometric testing sites. The cost for taking the ISEE test individually at a Prometric site is $200.

What do you need for ISEE test?

Identification: Each test-taker must have an accepted form of identification to show when he or she arrives at an ISEE test center. Examples of accepted ID include birth certificates and library cards. A complete list of acceptable forms of identification is available on the ERB website (www.erblearn.org).