What is a passing grade at HCC?

What is a passing grade at HCC?


How many sections are on the TSI?

three sections

What GPA do you need to get into HCC?

Steps 5 6 are completed every semester. *Students must maintain a 3.0 unweighted high school GPA and a 2.0 HCC GPA to remain eligible. When you complete your application you will receive an email with your HCC student ID# and your Hawkmail email address.

How long does it take to get accepted into HCC?

1-3 days

What is the acceptance rate for HCC?


How does HCC online classes work?

HCC Online allows you to take the courses you need to graduate from the comfort of your favorite space and at a time that fits your schedule. HCC Online offers more than 70 hybrid degree and certificate programs as well as general education, elective, and core courses in more than 80 areas of study.

How much are classes at HCC?

Credit Hour Cost and Price per ClassPrice Per Credit3 Credit ClassIn District Residents$68$204Texas Residents$140$420Out of State Residents$156$468

Does HCC have night classes?

The New Weekend College at HCC: Saturdays Only The Weekend College offers classes in 8- week sessions, in a hybrid format. Classes will meet from 9-12 noon and 1-4 pm with an hour break for lunch.

Can I take a single college course?

Yes, for most colleges. You may need to declare a major or enroll as a different type of student. You may also be ineligible for financial aid. But, there is no reason you cannot take single classes in college.

Can I just take random classes in college?

In the US, many colleges and universities welcome “non-degree” students, who just sign up to take a class or two. There may also be certain programs that limit taking classes to only students who are enrolled and accepted into degree programs.

Do online classes count as college credit?

No matter the situation, you can earn college credit online. There is a lot of variety of online college courses for credit. You can take all levels of math or science. If you need social studies credits, there are many different options.

Can you take basic college courses online?

Typically, colleges allow students to complete their general education course requirements any time throughout the degree program. To make it easier for students, some colleges offer them online with multiple starting dates throughout the year.

What degrees can you earn online?

10 Best Degrees to Get OnlineComputer Science Degree. There is an ever-increasing demand for computer professionals and a wide range of options within the hi-tech industry. Business Administration Degree. Education. Psychology. Engineering. Nursing. Accounting. Marketing.

Where can I take free college courses?

The 10 Best Sites for Free College Courses OnlineEdX. EdX is one of the largest massive open online course providers in the world, giving over 14 million users access to free courses from universities. MIT OpenCourseWare. Carnegie Mellon OpenLearning. Coursera. Stanford Online. FutureLearn. OpenLearn. Harvard Online.

How can I get a free college degree?

Five Ways to Get a Tuition-Free DegreeStudy Tuition-Free in Europe. The Deal: Many European countries offer tuition-free college educations to students from around the world. Get a Tuition-Free Education From the Military. Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships. Check Out State-specific Tuition-Free Programs. Find a Tuition-Free University.

What is the age cut off for fafsa?

13 years old