What is the traditional gift for 16 year wedding anniversary?

What is the traditional gift for 16 year wedding anniversary?

Traditionally, the 16th anniversary gift is wax (cue candles) as it represents the burning passion of your relationship. The modern gift is silver holloware, a name used to describe tableware that is not flat.

What is the 16th anniversary gemstone?

16th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone: Peridot Most peridot was brought to the surface of the earth by volcanic eruptions, but some peridot hitched a ride to earth on meteorites! Ancient Egyptians also mined it on the island of Zabargad in the Red Sea.

What is the name for 16th wedding anniversary?

Silver Holloware
Wedding Anniversary List

Wedding Anniversary Gifts List
15th Crystal Watches
16th Silver Holloware
17th Furniture
18th Porcelain

What is it for 15 years of marriage?

The traditional gift for a 15th wedding anniversary is crystal as it represents the pure and sparkling love between a married couple. The 15 year anniversary modern gift is a watch which symbolises the beautiful time that the couple has spent together, and the many more days and years to come in the future.

What is the name of the 16th anniversary gemstone?

Nicknamed the ‘evening emerald’, the 16th anniversary gemstone peridot is a gorgeous light green. It’s known as the stone of compassion and is associated with harmony and peacefulness.

What kind of silver is used in silver holloware?

While mainly used for tableware made of silver; today, the term “silver holloware” is used for a vast selection of silver items, including silver pens and art items. We may expect silver holloware to be sterling silver, but there are items made of argentium silver or another metal plated with silver.

What’s the best gift for a 16th anniversary?

What is the Gift For A 16th Anniversary? 1 Traditional Gift – Wax. The traditional list of anniversary gifts states that wax is the 16th anniversary gift. 2 Modern Gift – Silver Holloware. The modern 16th anniversary gift of silver holloware can seem rather unromantic. 3 Flower – Statice. 4 Gemstone – Peridot.

What does a 16th wedding anniversary flower mean?

The flower symbolises remembrance, and when given as a 16th wedding anniversary gift they represent the happy memories you share.