What was the settlement with Michigan seamless tube?

What was the settlement with Michigan seamless tube?

The EEOC sued the company on Towers’ behalf for wrongful termination due to retaliation and racial discrimination. The case was settled through a consent decree, where the woman received a settlement of $85,280. Source Michigan Seamless Tube was a tube manufacturing company based in South Lyon, MI.

Where was the first permanent settlement in Michigan?

The first permanent European settlement in Michigan was founded in 1668 at Sault Ste. Marie by Jacques Marquette, a French missionary. The French built several trading posts, forts, and villages in Michigan during the late 17th century.

Who was involved in the University of Michigan case?

Among the many amicus supporters of the University during the course of the lawsuits was the military, whose ranks of officers have become more diverse because of affirmative action. Corporations and other organizations also have come forward to attest to the value of diversity.

What did the US Supreme Court rule on University of Michigan?

U.S. Supreme Court rules on University of Michigan cases. ANN ARBOR—In a major victory for U-M announced June 23, the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the right of universities to consider race in admissions procedures in order to achieve a diverse student body.

When did Michigan Supreme Court allow case evaluation?

In 2010, as part of its deliberation of a number of proposed court rule amendments to MCR.2.403 (Case Evaluation) and MCR 2.411 (Mediation), the Michigan Supreme Court directed the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) to conduct a study of the efficacy of these two forms of ADR.

When to settle a workers comp claim in Michigan?

Unlike some states, you can settle your Michigan workers’ comp claim before you are fully healed from your injury. In Michigan, you can settle a workers’ comp claim at any time after six months have passed since your injury occurred.

How to find a court docket sheet in Michigan?

Use the Case List by Attorney search to locate all Court docket sheets for a specific attorney. You can search by either attorney bar number or attorney name. Case Search Tips

How does case evaluation and mediation work in Michigan?

• Cases that used either case evaluation or mediation had high rates of disposition through settlement/consent judgment—upwards of 80% when used individually or in combination. • Using mediation had little or no effect on length of time to dispose a case when compared to cases that did not use ADR.