Where is Ryuto bandana?

Where is Ryuto bandana?

Ryuto lost his bandana while he was adjusting it, because a gust of wind blew it out of his hands. (Really?) He needs you to find the bandana for him. The bandana can be found a couple of meters from the entrance of the changing room.

Where is the bra in Yandere simulator?

Saki Miyu: Saki Miyu has lost her bra somewhere on school grounds. Locate the bra, then return it to her. The item can be found on the most northern part of Akademi’s wall, just a couple of meters from the Confession Tree.

Can you beat Yandere simulator without killing anyone?

Pacifistic. It will be possible to win the game without hurting anyone. YandereDev has said that this ending is one of the most important aspects of the game’s design since the beginning.

Who does Senpai have a crush on?


Who has a crush on kokona?

Althought it will change once more debug builds and the actual game get released ! Kokona Haruka is said to be 18 Years of age. Her best friend is Saki miyu. She has a Crush on senpai and might become the Drama club president.

What is Osana attracted to?


Is Yandere Chan a psychopath?

However, his videos have plenty of evidence she’s not a psychopath. Not even close. I am a fan of the game and I watch Yandere Dev’s videos and even if he calls her a psychopath or a sociopath, it’s mainly to emphasize lack of guilt and such.

Is Yandere Chan a Yandere?

For those of you who don’t know, (which is probably zero of you reading this,) Ayano Aishi, or as she’s better known by her nicknames, “Yandere-chan” or “Yan-chan”, is the main character of the in-development game, Yandere Simulator.

Who was the first Yandere?

In anime the earliest character that I remember is Kotonoha from School days. Lady Rokujo, from Genji Monogatari, which was written in the eleventh century I believe by a noblewoman. It is generally considered to be the first novel.

Is nemesis Chan Hanako?

As of August 1st, 2019, it was revealed that Nemesis is Taro Yamada’s younger sister, Hanako Yamada, in the Mission Mode timeline.

Did Hanako Kun kill himself?

He killed his younger twin brother, Tsukasa Yugi, and died young. Hanako is the only known person to ever have altered his fate. By inflicting himself with the Mermaid’s Curse, he bound his and Yashiro’s souls together.

Why is nemesis after Ayano?

We think Megami might of hired her to elimate Ayano. As we all know Megami is there to stop Ayano from her doings. So Megami hires Nemesis to do her dirty work. Nemesis is then sent out in mission mode to take care of Ayano.