Which is the Esquire Car of the Year for 2010?

Which is the Esquire Car of the Year for 2010?

And we have come to a conclusion: The Esquire Car of the Year is the 2010 Audi S4. The 556-HP rear-wheel-drive CTS-V coupe offers something long missing from Motown: two-door style and a complete absence of excuses.

What do you need to know about buying a car in California?

Private sellers also need to have their vehicles smog tested before selling them, so you may have to pay hundreds of dollars in repairs to make the vehicle meet emissions standards if yours has previously failed these tests. The BAR has an online database of each vehicle’s smog history. Just plug in your license plate number to find it.

What makes a vehicle a ” commercial vehicle ” in California?

Commercial vehicles that are designed, used, or maintained primarily to transport property or people for hire, compensation, or profit must be registered. Commercial motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) or combined gross vehicle weight (CGW) of 10,001 lbs. or more, along with most trailers, need to be registered as commercial vehicles.

What’s the sales tax on a new car in California?

Currently, California’s statewide sales tax on both used and new cars is 7.25 percent, though city and county taxes can be higher. If you bought a car in another county from where you live, online tools such as the California Board of Equalization tool can help you calculate the sales tax you must pay.

What kind of car can you buy in California?

Many vehicles are only certified to meet lesser federal emission standards, called “49-State” certified. Vehicles smog certified to California standards are referred to as “50-State” certified.

What are the fees for buying a car in California?

The use tax varies with the sales tax rate in each county, so contact your local DMV for information on current rates. Refer to California’s online fee chart for the current transfer fees. Is there anything special I must know if I am thinking about buying a vehicle from another state?

Where do I go to get a new car in California?

Enter the following information for a New California Vehicle purchased from a licensed California dealer.

Is it legal to buy a car out of State in California?

Come on, Mr. Roadshow, we can’t be the first Californians to buy a new car out of state. Any hope to remain legal on America’s highways until we return to California? A: Legal you will be. The Denver dealership should submit the paperwork to start registration with the California DMV.