Who was the NTU Student who spoke out about sexual harassment?

Who was the NTU Student who spoke out about sexual harassment?

After posting the screenshots, Choo also encouraged other victims of sexual harassment to speak out about their experiences and against such behaviour, adding that she would share their stories for them if they are not comfortable with revealing their identities. You can read more about the sexual harassment cases on Choo’s Instagram stories here .

Are there any sexual harassment cases in Singapore?

A Singaporean student at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has taken to her Instagram account to speak up on a number of sexual harassment cases that happened to several female students on campus.

Why is Choo speaking out about sexual harassment?

In a subsequent Instagram story, Choo explained that she is stepping up and speaking out about these incidents of harassment now despite not having been vocal about issues regarding feminism since she was in junior college.

How is the employer liable in a sexual harassment case?

To determine whether the employer is vicariously liable, the terms “quid pro quo” and “hostile work environment” no longer are controlling. Instead liability depends upon who committed the harassment, whether the harassment resulted in a tangible employment action, and the employer’s response to the harassment.

What are the legal remedies for sexual harassment?

Victims of sexual harassment are generally entitled to all available remedies and damages under the law of tort, which is the law of personal injury. The primary forms of recovery by the victim of sexual harassment include: Compensatory damages such as loss of employment ability, loss of wages,…

When do you get punitive damages for sexual harassment?

Punitive damages when the harasser’s misconduct is particularly egregious, outrageous, malicious, or otherwise shocks the jury’s conscious. Punitive damages may also include reasonable attorney’s fees. Find My Lawyer Now! Does the Victim Recover From the Harasser or the Employer?

Which is a defense in a sexual harassment case?

Any reciprocal behavior shown by the victim such as flirtation, removal of clothing, or the use of sexually explicit language will be a defense in the actor’s favor. According to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination occurring in the workplace.