Why did ailtireacht add black glass extension to townhouse?

Why did ailtireacht add black glass extension to townhouse?

They added the boxy extension to create a flexible space that can be used as a guest bedroom, playroom or home office. Its black glass covering reflects elements of the architectural and garden setting, while from the upper floor windows clouds can be seen moving across the shiny flat roof.

Is it good to have glass front door?

A full or half glass door lets all the light in. Unfortunately, it’s a two-way street. If you can see out, others can see in. In addition to being where you live, your home is your sanctuary. And as much as you like your neighbors, you still don’t want them peering into your living room through the front door.

How to know if you live in a bad neighborhood?

If you have left your valuables in cars, it is possible that thieves target your cars and grab your valuables by breaking car windows. Broken car window glass, known as the ghetto diamond, is another clear sign you live in a bad neighborhood.

What kind of glass is in Dublin townhouse extension?

A small extensionto the rear of this remodelled townhouse in Dublin is clad and roofed in panels of opaque black glass, designed by architectural studio Ailtireacht to reflect the building’s surroundings.

Is it safe to have glass front door?

However, placing the door at the back or side entrance of your home may be an ideal solution — offering you the best of both worlds no matter your location. Speaking of security, there is the concern that glass doors can be broken by possible intruders who are looking to gain access to your home.

Can You Break Glass in a Full Lite front door?

I mean, if someone can break glass in a full-lite door, they can break glass in this one. And if they break the lower right pane, the door lock is well within reach.

What happens if you don’t lock your back door?

However, due to the nature of the framework, if you do not choose a proper locking system that locks at three points — the top, bottom and center — the doors may be susceptible to break-ins or may blow open more easily or be pushed in during harsh storms.

What do burglars do when there is no answer to the front door?

He’ll go right up and ring the front doorbell. If someone comes to the door, he’ll pretend to be selling something door to door or have a story that he’s looking for a different house. If there’s no answer, he’ll typically head around to the back of the house, seeking a way in without attracting too much attention.