Why do some properties not show up on Zillow?

Why do some properties not show up on Zillow?

There could be a lag between when a house goes on the market and when Zillow’s feed pulls it in. If the agent is doing well, they may not sign up for Zillow’s services or upload their listings. In some sensitive situations, such as a divorce or death in the family, the owners may not want the home publicly listed.

Can you remove price history from Zillow?

You can’t remove it and you will just tell people that the seller tried to do a FSBO and didn’t know how to properly price a home which is why they hired you. A great many buyers DO look at price histories.

Can a house be sold without local authority approval?

The reality is that if alterations and additions have been carried out on a property without municipal (local authority) approval and the property is then sold, it can become quite a complex legal matter.

What happens if you sell your house without approved plans?

If you are selling your house, and don’t have approved plans, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. And if you are buying a house, and don’t ask whether the seller has approved plans, you might end up inheriting some very expensive problems.

Which is the most recently sold property in Australia?

A waterfront property with a private jetty on this island has sold under the hammer for a record price. Want to see what it looks like to renovate a classic home when the budget is endless? A-list actor Jason Statham show… Sweeney’s Hut on Kimo Estate overlooks acres of bushland. From its A-frame design to its hilltop vantage point, this …

Can a property be sold without a voetstoets?

Our law takes into account that any property with buildings erected without municipal approval is a property with a latent defect. The voetstoets clause will normally cover latent defects and a seller will not automatically attract liability if he sells a property with unauthorised building works.

Is it bad to sell your house so soon after purchase?

But selling your home soon after buying can mean losing money, missing opportunities, facing capital gains taxes or paying mortgage prepayment penalties. The typical seller lives in their home for 15 years before putting it up for sale, according to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report.

What happens when you buy a house with problems?

You’re paying a significant amount of money to own a home that you love, but if the heater stops working on move-in day or the basement floods after a heavy rainstorm, of course it’s going to be upsetting! It’s like buying a used car that turns out to be a lemon.

What happens if you don’t sign title when you buy house?

If you haven’t finished signing all of the closing documents and transferring the title yet, you don’t officially own the house — you’re still under contract. This means you’re in a binding agreement with the seller of the home.

Can a seller be held liable if there are problems with the House?

Sellers can sometimes still be held responsible in some “buyer beware” states, depending on how the contract is written. Some states can hold a listing agent liable if they didn’t disclose problems they saw in the home or that the seller discussed with the agent.