Why was YouTuber charged with 18 criminal counts?

Why was YouTuber charged with 18 criminal counts?

According to the description of the charges read by the YouTuber, he received this charge because he did not “ford in the most direct manner,” something this statute covers in Chapter 25, noting that it is illegal to “run any vehicle, except fording in the most direct manner, in any stream.”

What happens if you get a misdemeanor charge?

Misdemeanors can have major consequences for the people charged. Too often the criminal justice system is pronouncing people guilty without evidence, lawyers, or a chance to plead their case. Photograph by Jonathan Gibby/Getty Images. Yesterday, people across America pleaded guilty to crimes they didn’t commit.

Are there any states that don’t count misdemeanors?

Some states like California don’t even bother to count their misdemeanor convictions at all. One of the few reports on the phenomenon, published by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, concludes that the massive misdemeanor apparatus is shockingly informal, overcrowded, and sloppy.

How often do people get convicted of misdemeanors?

Every year, the American criminal system punishes thousands of people who are not guilty. These routine wrongful convictions never make it into headlines because they are misdemeanors, petty offenses like trespassing, disorderly conduct, or loitering.

What happens if you are charged with three misdemeanors?

The defendant is found guilty on all three counts. Therefore, the defendant faces up to three years in jail. (If all three counts were Class B misdemeanors, the sentence would be up to 18 months in jail.)

Can a defendant be charged with more than one count?

Put simply, each criminal charge equals one “count.” However, a defendant can be charged with numerous counts arising from a single incident.

What does it mean to be charged with multiple crimes?

You’ve probably read dozens of news articles with headlines that sound like this: “Salt Lake City man charged with multiple counts of theft,” or, “Utah woman facing multiple murder charges.” But what does being charged with multiple counts actually mean from a legal standpoint?