Why work at home is better than in the office

There are five reasons why I will never return to work in the office again. You can read about the minuses of office work and the advantages of remote work in this article.

What that means

Many people think that office work is prestigious. Large IT companies strongly support this idea, offering favourable working conditions, stylish office spaces, various gyms and sleeping rooms. Employers want employees to literally live at work. But the golden cage still remains a cage, whatever one may say.

  • I still have to get up at seven a.m. and go to work completely overwhelmed and sleepy.
  • Every day to get to the office through traffic jams, spending at least forty minutes on the road. And this is at best.
  • To have dinner quickly, trying to be in time up to the end of a break.
  • Stay up late at work, because the company needs to fulfil the plan.

People come to an instant idea that office slavery is not for them. And working at home all day, there is no longer any desire to return to the office. Use your online Academic Writing Jobs skills and start making money already today! Such a workflow will significantly improve someone’s life, and there are five reasons for this.

The first reason: A person himself creates a working atmosphere

Working far off, it is much more productive because he can work in the most comfortable conditions for himself. For example, many people like to sit in the cafe and create in the company of coffee and music. Or they may stay at home if it is raining outside and the wind is knocking down.

The second reason: You can forget about the alarm clock

If you’re a night owl, then getting up at seven am is the real punishment. All life of owls force to adapt for a morning mode, which is why they do not become happier. Half a day you go like a zombie, and when it is ready to work, it’s time to go home.

Remote work allows such owls to regulate their working day themselves. Often, many can be seen at a laptop and at two and three in the morning. Owls finish their work late, and sleep well in the morning, while office plankton hurries to workplaces.

The third reason: No traffic jams

Now you no longer have to spend a lot of time on the way to work and back. According to statistics, city dwellers spend at least 165 hours a year in traffic jams. Just think, for almost seven days of your life fly into the pipe every year.

So what are these sacrifices for? Copywriters can work quietly at home or in a cafe, which is fifteen minutes away. By the way, it is also an opportunity to warm up a little, because you constantly have to sit at the computer, which is not good.

The fourth reason: I supervise myself and my time

Working remotely, now copywriters can control their time themselves. For example, in the first half of the day, to engage in some of their daily affairs, and in the evening to sit down at work. Thanks to this, you can manage to do sports, photography and complete work tasks on time.

You do not need to spend time on travel, you do not have to quickly stuff a sandwich in yourself to finish lunch before the end of the break.

The fifth reason: continuous savings

Remote work is beneficial to both employees and employers. Working outside the office, I don’t have to spend money on transportation, lunches, constant snacks with colleagues and matching the dress code – yes, working at home or in a cafe does not require a white collar and a tie. At the same time, the employer does not need to spend money on the maintenance of jobs, all communication with employees takes place online.

Some fear that with such a system, everyone will wander off to where it will fail to achieve a result. But this is not the case, as many successful startups, whose staff consists entirely of remote employees, prove. Of course, the escape from the office scares many. Basically, it is the fear of the unknown because no one wants to lose a job. However, now people have one big advantage – mobility. Modern man is always in touch and ready to work almost anywhere in the world. In order to work, he does not have to be tied to a specific address, a chair and a computer. So why do not take advantage of this possibility?