Can landlord show apartment while occupied NYC?

Can landlord show apartment while occupied NYC?

Your landlord can enter your apartment at any time and without notice in an emergency, and at a reasonable time after providing appropriate notice if the entry is either: To provide necessary or agreed upon repairs or services, or. To show the apartment to prospective tenants or purchasers; and.

Is it legal for a landlord to inspect an apartment?

That’s where landlord inspections come in. Whether your tenants don’t report a leak which ends up causing extensive damage or you simply want to perform a routine check-in, you have a legal right to inspect your property. However, you must comply with the law when you do.

Why are there so many rental apartments in New York?

There’s much to be said about New York, but one thing is for sure: Living situations can change in a heartbeat. Unlike apartments for sale, rentals bear fewer obligations, have more flexibility, and offer greater financial liquidity. As regards luxury and exclusivity, rental properties … READ MORE

Are there any land lease buildings in NYC?

Land-lease buildings make up a small fraction of the residential buildings in New York. There are approximately 100 land-lease buildings in the city, mainly in Manhattan, with a high concentration in Lincoln Square and Battery Park City. Their unique characteristic is that they sit on land that does not belong to the building, but to a landowner.

How often does a landlord have to paint an apartment?

Yes, the landlord must paint occupied apartments in multiple dwellings (buildings with three or more apartments) every three years. (NYC Administrative Code §27-2013). Tenant occupied apartments in private dwellings are also required to be painted as necessary.

Do you have a landlord in New York?

Unless you’re the sole proprietor of any living space in New York, then you have a landlord (a.k.a. that dude or dudette who receives the bulk earnings of your paycheck every month). Yeah, in some cases, renting an apartment in New York is no picnic.

How many apartments are rent controlled in New York City?

Currently, over one million apartments in New York City are subject to some form of rent regulation. The majority of these apartments are classified as rent-stabilized apartments, while less than 2% of apartments are subject to the oldest form of rent regulation, known as rent-controlled apartments.

How are tenants treated in New York City?

tenants who stay past the end of a lease are treated as month-to-month tenants if the landlord accepts their rent (Real Property Law § 232-c). A month-to-month tenancy outside New York City may be terminated by either party by giving at least one month’s notice before the expi-ration of the tenancy. For example, if the landlord wants the tenant

Are there rent stabilized apartments in New York City?

Rent Stabilization is the newer and more common form of rent-regulated apartments in New York City and is overseen by the NYC Division of Housing and Community Renewal (“DHCR”). Traditionally, Rent Stabilized apartments are in buildings with six or more units that were built before 1974.