Finding Success as an Entrepreneur in The Digital Age

Just how effective is digital marketing? By 2021, e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion. You can reach your market using different tools from social media to having your very own website.

How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur Today

There is some serious money in today’s digital world, this is only true if you choose the right digital marketing strategies.

Keep in mind that digital trends and technologies change a lot and that many strategies are no longer as effective as they once were. As an entrepreneur, you will need to cope with changing business trends if you don’t want to lag behind with your sales.

As an example – the majority of people today are using their mobile phones to browse the web, pay bills, shop and research.

In 2018, 52.2% of the entire traffic worldwide came from mobile devices. Therefore, you have to adapt to such trends and ensure your website and/or webshop is mobile friendly, fast and responsive.

How to Adapt?

If you wish to adapt to the modern digital world, you will have to first identify practices that work for you.

Keep in mind there is an overwhelming number of technologies and digital marketing practices – all of them work, but not all will be good for your business.

As an entrepreneur, it is imperative to determine which practices make sense for your situation. There is no one-size fits all solution, especially in digital marketing.

What Technology to Use?

There is a good number of technological solutions you can use to help you adapt to the digital world. These tools can help ease the daily workload and improve the overall productivity of many individuals.

  1. OneDrive – OneDrive is an online storage solution by Microsoft – you can easily store, share and access all your data. The good thing about this is you get 5GB of free storage. If you use any type of Office 365 subscription, this storage automatically expands to 1TB, which makes it a primary choice for many entrepreneurs, since you get the whole Office suite with it.
  2. Sprout – This nifty tool makes it easier for brands to reach customers via social media. However, it is suggested for digital marketing managers to plan their posts ahead of time. With Sprout, you can do just that. Sprout helps organize your posts on different social media platforms and schedule them to be posted at what is considered prime time.
  3. Google Adwords – Google Adwords is not only a tool for advertisers looking to engage in PPC marketing. You can also use this tool to research the right keywords. Here, you will know which keywords can generate the most for your campaign.
  4. Grammarly – This handy takes care of any grammatical or semantic mistakes and provides you with suggestions on how to fix them. Grammarly also helps improve your communication with your audience.

If you are stressed because all these digital tools and strategies are just overwhelming, remember that there‘s no rush: you can learn one tech solution at a time and determine which should be implemented in your daily operations.

Take it slow and see their impact on your operations: testing one solution at a time is the only proper way to determine what works and what doesn‘t. Remember – not all new trends will be applicable to your business or industry, so make sure to adapt only to those who are.

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