How do you use a pillow pump?

How do you use a pillow pump?

Gather up the open end of the bag to trap the air inside. Squeeze the bag to force the air out and into the airbed (it’s often easiest to do this by slowly laying on the bag). Repeat until desired firmness is reached. As an added bonus, the carry bag can be used as a pillow for a relaxing night under the stars.

What is Pillow pump?

Home > Products > Accessories > Pillow Pump. Pillow Pump. Pump and pillow in one: quick mat inflation by hand or foot. Close the valve and use it as anatomically shaped pillow. Ideal for all Exped mats without integrated pump.

How do you inflate an air pillow?

To inflate your air pillow you would first need to locate the small red valve on the top of the pillow. If you push the valve in with your finger, you can see the opening where the air goes into. You can use a hair dryer on the ‘cool’ setting, a shop vac on reverse or a simple air pump to inflate the pillow.

How do you release an air pillow?

Quickly remove the tube from the valve and turn the vale clockwise to close it and trap the air inside. E) Now, lie back and place your head on top of the pillow and open the air valve to release the air slowly. As this happens, you will feel you head going down with the pillow.

How do you deflate a pillow?

  1. Press the base of the valve between your fingers whilst squeezing the pillow.
  2. Take out the stopper then squeeze the valve slightly so the air can escape easily.
  3. There is a small plug that you bow into and seal to inflate, just take the stopper out to deflate.

Are pool air pillows necessary?

Do I Need A Pool Pillow? While they’re not 100% necessary, winter pool pillows are incredibly helpful. They help protect your pool from expanding ice and promote even weight distribution, which is why we highly encourage them for pool owners.

What can I use instead of a pool pillow?

You may have heard pool owners recommend alternatives to pool air pillows, such as tire tubes, yoga balls, or regular innertubes.

How do you get air out of inflated pillows?

Deflating an air bed is simple:

  1. Locate the valve where you put your pump to inflate the airbed.
  2. Open the valve.
  3. Gently press on the airbed to squeeze the air out.
  4. Using your electric or foot pump, place the nozzle in the valve as you did when you inflated it.

How do you get air out of an inflatable pillow?

What can I use instead of an air pillow?