How long has James Speakman been a lawyer?

How long has James Speakman been a lawyer?

This passion has formed his career, which has been focused on commercial real estate, both in private business and legal practice, for over 30 years. He was a senior executive in the real estate industry for 10+ years and has practiced law in the real estate sector for 20+ years.

Who are the lawyers for leks and co?

Leks & Co is known for its ability to advise Indonesian developers on construction projects. Eddy Leks advised Plaza Indonesia Urban on drafting sales package documents, house rules of apartments, articles of association and by-laws of tenant associations.

Who are the best real estate lawyers in Las Vegas?

With a focus on business law, the law office of Ken R. Ashworth & Associates represents clients in Henderson, Nevada. Having decades of experience and a reputation as one of the premier tax planning and estate firms in the area, we handle a long list of legal matters for our valued clients.

Do you need a lawyer to sell your house?

Whether you are a buying or selling a house, or own property like a condo, single family residence, or commercial real estate, a real estate lawyer may help.

Who are the attorneys in a real estate law firm?

It is common in large law firms for real estate transactions to be staffed with attorneys at differing levels of experience. Small transactions typically consist of one law firm partner, one associate and occasionally a paralegal.

Can a real estate lawyer work at a bank?

Some real estate lawyers will transition during their career from practicing law at a large law firm to an in-house position at a bank, insurance company, national retailer or other institutional real estate company. However, beyond the in-house track, there is not a natural progression from this practice area into other common career paths. 9.

When to hire a real estate lawyer in Las Vegas?

Use FindLaw to hire a local real estate lawyer near you to help you when you have real estate problems like a dispute with the homeowner’s association or noise from neighbors, recording issues involving your deed (e.g., an easement or encroachment), or your mortgage (e.g., a lien or mortgage fraud). Need an attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Do you need a real estate attorney to sell your house?

Real estate attorneys are required in many states, but even if you aren’t legally required to use an attorney while selling, it can be a good idea. Do I need a real estate attorney to sell my house? In 21 states and the District of Columbia, attorneys are legally required as part of the closing process.