How many cars were in the church parking lot?

How many cars were in the church parking lot?

On Sunday, 300 cars carrying roughly 600 parishioners arrived in the Genoa church parking lot, amounting to about 40% of its typical weekly population. Carl preached from a scissor lift and was broadcast over a low frequency FM station, which the congregation tuned into in their cars.

What does it mean to drive in church?

But over the past week, an increasing number of pastors have turned instead to a seemingly old-fashioned option to gather their flock: the drive-in. Churchgoers are driving into church parking lots, pulling up a respectable distance away from the next car, and tuning into their radio to hear their pastor speak from the church steps.

Is there a drive in church in North Carolina?

While many churches are bringing the drive-in to their parking lots, others are simply going to the drive-in. Preston Brown, the owner of the Hounds Drive-In Theater in Kings Mountain, N.C., was preparing for the theater’s spring season opening when a pastor reached out to him and asked to use his space for Sunday services.

Is it safe to drive in church services?

There’s a lot of grey area involved: states have varied in deciding whether religious ceremonies are essential services; infectious disease experts have different opinions about the risks involved; and it’s unclear whether a phalanx of people in cars meets CDC regulations for social distancing.

Where can I go to church in a parking lot?

In Odessa, Texas, Connection Community Church took their service to their parking lot. In Dora, Alabama, one church held services in the parking lot of a local restaurant. In Vancouver, Washington, parishioners sat in their cars to hear a “drive-in” style service .

Are there any drive in churches in Texas?

Such is the case for a church in San Antonio, Texas, which is holding services in its parking lot while the pastor addresses the sea of cars while standing on the roof. The church in question is Gateway Fellowship Church, which held its first drive-in service on March 22.

What’s the 80% rule for church parking lots?

You shall have at least one greeter in the parking lot. That person makes an immediate impression on guests. You shall understand the 80% rule applies to parking lots. When the parking lot is 80% full, it appears totally full to a guest. You shall calculate your attendees per car ratio.

How can I listen to my church service in my car?

Listeners simply download and open the AudioFetch App from the app store, and then they can listen in real-time via their smartphone or any Bluetooth speaker. Paired with a wireless router, our AudioFetch can support up to 250 listeners. Have your members park in the parking lot and remain in their vehicles.