How much did Kelly Clarkson pay her ex-husband?

How much did Kelly Clarkson pay her ex-husband?

How much did Kelly Clarkson pay ex-husband in child & spousal support? Clarkson is ordered by a Los Angeles County judge to pay Brandon Blackstock nearly $200,000 a month in child and spousal support which comes out to $2.3 million annually.

What can I do if my ex-husband stops paying alimony?

You’ll need to file a motion (legal paperwork) with the court, and ask a judge to order your spouse to make the overdue payments and keep up with future payments. This is sometimes called a motion for enforcement or contempt.

What’s Kelly Clarkson’s net worth?

Thanks to her highly-successful music career and extremely high-paying gig as a periodic host on “The Voice,” Kelly has become extremely rich. By our count Kelly Clarkson’s net worth is $45 million.

Does Kelly Clarkson still have to pay alimony?

So far, a Los Angeles judge ruled in July that the “American Idol” alum is required to pay $150,000 to Blackstock each month in spousal support. Clarkson also has to pay Blackstock $1.25 million to cover his attorneys fees in their divorce case, the report states.

What did the ex president’s wife claim in divorce?

In the divorce action, she is ultimately claiming spousal maintenance of R150,000 a month. She says she was at his side during his rise to power and when he faced his critics. “I fulfilled the role of first lady with diplomacy, decorum and fortitude and sacrificed my own ambitions for his.”

How much does the ex president’s wife get paid?

A Constitutional Court ruling forbids naming the parties. The woman, who says she relies on her husband financially, says he must fully disclose his finances. She believes his salary “for life” is about R3m a year.

What happens when ex husband moves on quickly after divorce?

If your ex-husband moved on quickly after divorce, that usually causes an additional level of gut-wrenching pain you have to deal with.

Why does my ex husband want to get remarried?

They are focused on moving forward on their own or with someone who is probably tired of waiting in the wings. Your ex moving forward quickly is hard to accept after a long marriage, especially if you didn’t see the breakup coming. It’s not easy to watch your ex-husband get remarried either. Want to start healing today?