How to check if you have received a notice to file?

How to check if you have received a notice to file?

2) Check your post, and email accounts to see if you have been sent a notice to file, but were perhaps expecting something more, such as a paper return or a paper notice to file. 3) If you are registered for on-line filing, you should check your on-line account. It should say if you have been sent a notice to file.

Is there a way to upload a file that is not supported?

Unable to upload a file: This file type is not supported Go to Content > Media Manager > Options. Edit the Legal Extensions (File Types) field to include your desired file extension. Save & Close the changes.

Why are certain types of files not allowed in Gmail?

Types you can’t include as attachments To protect your account, Gmail doesn’t allow you to attach certain types of files. Gmail often updates the types of files not allowed to keep up with harmful software that is constantly changing. Some examples include:

How can I send a file that is blocked in Gmail?

If you’re sure the file is safe, you can ask the sender to upload the file to Google Drive . Then send it as a Drive attachment. Sometimes messages are blocked when you don’t include any attachments.

Can you send an email without a file?

Send an email that does not have the file attached at all, but instead contains a link in the body of the message that will enable the other person to view the files online, or download them to their computer. This drastically reduces the size of the email you’re sending.

What to do if you cant send an email?

Cannot send emails: How to fix email sending issues. Sometimes it happens: you simply cannot send emails. You open your favorite mail client or software (Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, SendBlaster…), write a few lines, insert the recipients’ addresses, click “Send” and… An error is returned.

How to tell sender they forgot the attachment without..?

Word it in a way which isn’t accusational and you’ll be fine. Don’t say “you forgot the attachment” but just let them know. Also, don’t reply all if others were copied, just back to the sender. This is very culture dependent. And dependent on the person as well.

How to fix send or receive error in Outlook Express?

To run Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express in safe mode, hold on the CRL key and click on application shortcut. Click “Yes” to proceed. If above methods are not able to resolve the issue of send or receive errors, it might be a faulty PST file issue. To repair the PST file, one can use Microsoft inbuilt inbox repair tool (sacnPST.exe).