Is it a felony to obtain property by false pretenses in NC?

Is it a felony to obtain property by false pretenses in NC?

Obtaining property by false pretenses is a serious crime in North Carolina, punishable as a felony and for which you can serve years in prison.

How are criminal records prepared in North Carolina?

These documents are prepared by local and state law enforcement agencies, courts, and detention and correctional centers. Criminal records describe felonies and misdemeanors of alleged and convicted criminals as well as arrest, indictment, and conviction records. What Is Contained in a Criminal Record?

How are felonies dealt with in North Carolina?

A North Carolina court may punish a less serious felony with community punishment. In such cases, the convicted individual may be instructed to pay a fine amount determined by the court. There are 10 felony classes in North Carolina. These goes from Class A to Class I with two types of Class B felonies (B1 and B2).

Can a Class 1 misdemeanor go to jail in North Carolina?

Class 1 misdemeanors attract jail times up to 120 days in North Carolina. The court may also deem it necessary to fine the guilty party in any amount it finds satisfactory.

How to obtain property by false pretenses in NC?

NC General Statutes – Chapter 14 Article 19 1 Article 19. False Pretenses and Cheats. § 14-100. Obtaining property by false pretenses. (a) If any person shall knowingly and designedly by means of any kind of false pretense whatsoever, whether the false pretense is of a past or subsisting fact or of a future fulfillment or

Can a felon get a real estate license in North Carolina?

The information obtained from a background check will be compared to what you disclosed on your application. You must be upfront about any conviction—felony or misdemeanor—to ever be considered for a real estate license. If you have a “ding” on your criminal record, this is considered a “character issue” in the state of North Carolina.

How to make an arrest in North Carolina?

NC General Statutes – Chapter 15A Article 20 2 a. The person submits to the control of the arresting officer who has indicated his intention to arrest, or b. The arresting officer, with intent to make an arrest, takes a person into custody by the use of physical force.

Can a felony conviction prevent me from getting a North?

If the Commission determines an applicant has the required good character, a license will be issued. If the Commission determines that an applicant has not demonstrated the requisite truthfulness, honesty, and integrity for licensure, the application will be denied.