What are the most common health problems in India?

What are the most common health problems in India?

Other major health problems that urban India is susceptible to include cardiovascular diseases making up 21.9% of the cases with endocrine or metabolic illnesses such as diabetes and thyroid dysfunction, cancer, etc. making up for 20.8%. Such health problems have dire consequences if left undiagnosed or untreated.

Is it bad to ask open ended questions about mental health?

If you want to find out more about the latter, we have some great articles about Life Satisfaction Scales, as well as Happiness Tests, Surveys, and Quizzes and mental health exercises. Open-ended questions are never a bad thing when you’re trying to start a discussion about mental health.

What are the most common health problems in the world?

As for diseases, here are the most frequently mentioned concerns: 1 obesity: 15% 2 cancer: 14% 3 diabetes: 2% 4 drug & alcohol abuse: 2% 5 heart disease: 1% 6 flu: 1% 7 mental illness: 1% 8 AIDS: 1%

What are the questions on a health survey?

Health survey questions is a questionnaire to gather data from respondents on the state of their health and well-being. Such questions enable a researcher to understand the overall health, illness factors, opinion on healthcare services provided, and risk factors associated with the individual’s health.

What are some of the public health issues?

You’re hearing news of increased public health concerns nearly every day. With your vested interest in healthcare, it’s not surprising that public health problems like antibiotic-resistant superbugs are on your radar.

What are the most important issues in healthcare?

A recent opinion poll from KFF revealed that just over 1 out of 5 Americans believe lowering drug prices should be Congress’ top health priority. Lawmakers in both houses of Congress have introduced bills and the presidential candidates have proposals aimed at regulating pharmaceutical prices.

When did PBS start asking tough questions about health care?

It contains excerpts from a nonpartisan public education initiative to inform citizens, stimulate dialogue, and give the public a greater voice in the health care debates during the 2000 elections. The following are sample questions you may want to consider in beginning the dialogue with candidates on healthcare reform:

Which is the most urgent health issue in the United States?

For example, a Gallup poll conducted yearly asks adults in the U.S. to name the most urgent health concerns. In the November 2015 poll, cost and access to healthcare were at the top (as they have been for many years). As for diseases, here are the most frequently mentioned concerns: