What do you need to know about the Ramblers?

What do you need to know about the Ramblers?

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Do you have a right of way on a footpath?

Like horse riders, they have no right to use footpaths and if they do so they are committing a trespass against the owner of the land, unless use is by permission (see Q26). As with horse-riding (see Q10), use of any right of way by cyclists can be controlled by traffic regulation orders and bye laws imposed by local authorities.

Are there any paths that are not rights of way?

There are many paths that the public is able to use but that are not legally rights of way and do not enjoy the same protection. Paths crossing public parks and open spaces, commons and other sites to which the public has access may not necessarily be rights of way, though some of them are.

What makes Gamlingay a good place to walk?

The parish does have mostly a dry sandy soil, giving good walking in damp weather; it lies at the ends of two long distance paths; and it has three nature reserves, of which one, Gamlingay Wood, allows particularly pleasant walking. Buildings and history (1, 2) Gamlingay is an interesting place, with the atmosphere of a little town.

How long is the walk from Gamlingay to Wimpole?

The Clopton Way(4) is an 11 mile linear walk to Wimpole, starting from Gamlingay Cinques carpark. It traverses Potton Wood, and visits the interesting church at Cockayne Hatley, Beds. Passing back into Cambs. at Hatley Gate, the path runs along the ridge above the B1042, going through the site of Clopton medieval village.

Is there a footpath from Waresley to Gamlingay?

Do not attempt to walk to the wood along the B1040 from either Gamlingay or Waresley – there is no footway and the road is busy. Instead, take Footpath 1 from Dutter End at TL 246 525. Where the right of way turns left on a track at TL 244 527, instead turn right on a permitted path, courtesy of Merton College, Oxford.

Where does the Gamlingay ridge walk start and end?

The Bedfordshire Greensand Ridge Walk(5) is a 40 mile linear route, which starts over the Cambs. border at Gamlingay Cinques carpark. It follows a prominent line of hills across Bedfordshire, in attractive scenery, and on mostly dry soils of the lower greensand geological deposit.