What does warrant in debt mean in Virginia?

What does warrant in debt mean in Virginia?

Here in Virginia, a lawsuit for money in General District Court is called a Warrant in Debt. This sounds a lot scarier than it is. It basically means someone, a person or a company, is claiming you owe them money. The purpose is of the Warrant in Debt is to get a judgment.

Can you go to jail for a warrant in Virginia?

Warrant In Debt. A warrant in debt is what they call it in Virginia when a creditor is suing you in General District Court. Warrant makes it sound a little worse than it is, but it is bad enough. It is not a criminal law problem—you can’t go to jail; but they are trying to make you pay.

Where can I find outstanding warrants in Virginia?

Virginia Warrant Search – Outstanding & Active Warrants in VA. According to this law, active warrants can be issued by the magistrate of any circuit court, general district court, juvenile or domestic relations tribunal and by the clerk of courts who handle the administrative services of these judicial bodies.

What should I do if I go on a warrant in debt?

If you go on a warrant in debt, you should tell the judge you are not admitting you owe the money and you need time to talk about it with a lawyer. Some judges will really crowd you to just plead guilty, but if you stand your ground they can’t make you. “Your honor, I want a trial.”. “YOUR HONOR, I WANT A TRIAL.

What happens when you receive a warrant in debt?

According to MCP Legal, a warrant in debt is a legal notification that informs you that you are being sued by a creditor to recover an outstanding debt that they allege you owe. It is an expedited motion for judgment that is a summons to appear in court on the date and time printed on the warrant.

Do I have to appear on a warrant in debt?

WARRANT IN DEBT TO DEFENDANT: You are not required to appear; however, if you fail to appear, judgment may be entered against you. See the additional notice of the reverse about requesting a change of trial location.

What are the defenses for a warrant in debt?

You have to file an answer with the clerk in a warrant of debt case. In your answer your defenses are things like the debt is invalid based on the creditor’s breach of contract, accord and satisfaction (you paid the debt), that the amount of the debt is inaccurate (you do not owe that amount), the debt is not your debt (no contract) or some other reason why you do not owe the debt.

Can I file a warrant in debt?

If you’re suing to get money, you need to file a Warrant in Debt. If you’re suing to get back personal property, you need to file a Warrant in Detinue. Keep in mind that if you have any questions about the form, the clerk might be able to help you, but he can’t give you any legal advice about your case.