What happened to laserbeak?

What happened to laserbeak?

He was shot down by Jetfire before the Decepticons were forced to turn tail. Plight of the Bumblebee! At this time, Soundwave’s signal finally reached Cybertron and Lord Straxus discovered that Laserbeak and the other Earthbound Decepticons were still alive.

Is laserbeak a Minicon?

Laserbeak is a Decepticon, and later Autobot, Mini-Con from the Aligned continuity family.

What bird is laserbeak?

Originally a Microchange “Micro Cassette Robo Condor”, Laserbeak transforms into a microcassette that can fit into the tape door of the Soundwave and Blaster toys. He was released in a two-pack with Frenzy in the U.S. and Europe.

What happened to Unicron in Transformers?

Unicron’s body is destroyed in battle by Optimus Supreme with the help of some of the other Autobots. Unbeknownst to anyone, Unicron lives on in two forms: his minuscule Spark, and his consciousness, which lies buried in Megatron’s mind.

Who killed Laserbeak?

He then demanded to know what he had told Sam. Wang feigned despair, saying he would do anything, but was able to surprise the sadistic Decepticon by pulling out two guns. However Laserbeak quickly disarmed him with his tail and “suicided” Wang by swinging him out the window, sending him falling to his death.

How did soundwave get laserbeak?

When Soundwave escaped the Shadowzone using Decepticon Hunters brought to him by the Activator Mini-Cons Stuntwing, Trickout, and Goldgear, Laserbeak-who had been reformatted into an Activator Mini-Con as well-was deployed to attack Sideswipe when his master discovered the Autobot while he was hiding.

Who killed the dreads in Transformers?

the Autobots
The Dreads are a Decepticon subgroup from the Dark of the Moon portion of the live-action film series continuity family. The Dreads are a unit of fearful Decepticons specialized in assassination and stealth tactics. They were mostly killed by the Autobots.

Is frenzy a Minicon?

Frenzy was a Minicon Decepticon who served as Barricade’s minion.

Who is Laserbeak in the Transformers multiverse?

Laserbeak is a recurring antagonist of the Transformers multiverse. He is a Decepticon spy and assassin working for the Decepticon Soundwave and is often regarded highly by their master Megatron. In all of his incarnations, Laserbeak’s standard form is that of a bird-like creature.

What kind of guitar does Laserbeak use in Transformers?

Laserbeak appears in Transformers: Animated once again in the service of Soundwave. As well as his standard avian form, Laserbeak can also transform into an electric guitar. Soundwave will often use Laserbeak’s guitar mode to strike the Autobots with sonic attacks.

Why was Laserbeak sent to kill the Decepticons?

Megatron thanked Laserbeak. Megatron told Soundwave that the human helpers to the Decepticons had served their purpose, and Soundwave then sent Laserbeak to “kill them all”. Laserbeak then masterminded a string of murders , and all the victims had connections to NASA.

What does Laserbeak look like in 3D Prime?

In the Rendered 3D Prime series, Laserbeak is little more than a mindless drone, although still quite effective. He is armed with lasers in his wings, and appears to be designed for reconnaissance and surveillance. His bird-like form looks almost paper-thin, giving him the appearance of an origami sculpture.