What happens when the moratorium ends?

What happens when the moratorium ends?

Once the moratorium ends, tenants are expected to pay back rent, unless they’ve come to some other agreement with their landlord. The eviction moratorium doesn’t prevent evictions for other reasons. Residents engaged in criminal activity or endangering other residents, for example, may still be evicted.

What does CDC moratorium mean?

Updated Apr 19, 2021. The CDC has issued an eviction moratorium until March 31st, 2021. Any individual with the right to pursue an eviction, whether it be landlords or owners of residential properties, is prohibited from doing so against any occupants who are unable to pay due to the coronavirus pandemic.

When is the cheapest time to visit New York?

Best Time for Holiday Window Displays: End of November, December. Cheapest Time to Visit NYC: January & February, then March-April & September-October. Most Expensive Time to Visit NYC: July, August, End of November and December. Don’t forget to see the NYC Calendar to check all the featured events happening in NYC month to month!

When does New York state minimum wage go into effect?

These rates are in effect from December 31, 2020 through December 30, 2021. View minimum wage rates through 2021 . New York State Department of Labor helps collect underpayments for workers who have not received the minimum wage. Often, funds are collected without resorting to court action.

When does New York stop issuing supplemental SNAP benefits?

New York has issued the supplemental benefits every month since March 2020 and will continue issuing monthly EA SNAP benefits as long as the state’s emergency declaration and the national public health emergency remain in effect.

When is Broadway week in New York City?

Broadway Week is an annual event happening twice a year in NYC: in Winter (End of January-Beginning of February) and in September. Early Spring & Early Fall: the opening of many new shows. It’s still not very crowded.