What is a natural easement?

What is a natural easement?

A natural easement arises when it is necessary for an individual or the public to make use of land located near the property subject to the easement. Example: Will owns land located behind Glorias land. The justification for the grant of easement is that without it, Will cannot use or enjoy his property.

What does an easement do to a property?

An easement is a non-possessory interest in another person’s property. By virtue of this right, a person is allowed to make use of a property of which he is not the owner or rightful possessor. The land burdened with an easement is termed “servient estate” and the land for whose benefit an easement is constituted is called “dominant estate.”

What kind of easement do you need for a gas line?

E.g. electrical, gas, water, or telephone lines. Easements of support (pertaining to excavations) – similar to an easement for services but will require excavation works e.g. establishment of drainage pipelines, natural gas lines power, telephone lines.

Where can I get a copy of an easement?

If it isn’t, you can obtain a copy of the property deed through county records when you purchase the property or when you want to know nonowner rights of using a property. A realtor can also order a title report that describes easements during the purchase process.

When does an appurtenant easement need to be conveyed?

Appurtenant easements, unless expressly stated otherwise, are automatically conveyed with the land they benefit when the land is sold or otherwise transferred. They are said to “run with the land.”

What does it mean to have an easement on your property?

An easement is one person’s right to use land for a certain purpose when it is owned by someone else. If there is an easement on your land , the property is yours, but other people can use it or access it.

What happens when you accept a natural gas easement?

That’s right, pipeline companies claim right of review and approval over local governments and developers. You not only get to continue to pay taxes on land you no longer really control, they get to determine how those taxes are used.

What kind of utilities can you buy with easement?

Utilities include electric power, telephone, cable television, internet, natural gas, water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and sewer services. Purchasing easement rights can be cheaper than purchasing title or ownership to the land itself.

Who is considered the owner of a sewer easement?

The owner of real property pays taxes to the local taxing authority. The holder of an easement is not considered the owner. The sewer line will run through the owner’s property for years to come, diminishing the use of the property over the line.