What is self adhesive waterproofing membrane?

What is self adhesive waterproofing membrane?

SimSelf membrane is a bitumen-based water insulation membrane. One of its surfaces is coated with polyethylene or colored natural mineral while its other face contains a removable folio.

What are peel and stick membranes?

Peel ‘N Stick Sheet Membrane is a self-adhering sheet waterproofing membrane 40 mils thick which consists of a strong pliable high density polyethylene (HDPE) facing bonded to a rubberized asphalt waterproofing compound that has been proven over many years of use to a be supremely effective waterproofing.

How long does peel and stick roofing last?

Done properly, it will far outlast any other material – typically 40 years or longer.

How is a self adhesive waterproofing membrane protected?

The self-adhesive waterproofing membrane is protected by a special, easy-to-remove release paper. The exposed membrane strips on the material edges are protected by a pull-off release strip.

What kind of membrane is used for foundation?

FOUNDATION WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE Self-adhesive waterproofing membrane composed of SBS modified bitumen and a trilaminate woven polyethylene facer. The surface provides 100% protection from UV radiation. A silicone release film protects the self-adhesive underface.

What kind of membrane is Blueskin WP 200 made of?

Blueskin® WP 200 is a self-adhered composite membrane consisting of an SBS rubberized asphalt compound, integrally laminated to a blue, high-density polyethylene film. The membrane is specifically designed for self-adhering to a prepared substrate, and provides a high-performance waterproofing barrier.

What is the thickness of a waterproofing membrane?

It is composed of a nominally 56 mil thick layer of polymeric waterproofing membrane on a heavy duty, four-mil thick, cross-laminated polyethylene carrier film. The two components are laminated together under strict quality-controlled production procedures.