What was the name of the Smith College cafeteria worker?

What was the name of the Smith College cafeteria worker?

Smith College put out a short statement noting that Blair had not placed the phone call to security but did not absolve her of broader responsibility. Blair has lupus, an auto-immune disorder that can be exacerbated by stress, and had episodes of feeling faint.

Who was cafeteria worker who was hit with false allegation of racism?

The cafeteria worker at Smith College who was hit with a false allegation of racism has filed an internal complaint against the school, saying her life has ‘not been the same since.’

Where was the fifth grade classroom hacked in San Leandro?

“My son’s Zoom classroom was just hacked by three grown men, who shared pornographic photos to the children in the fifth grade class,” said the mother. “Bad ones.” San Leandro School District confirmed that account.

How are violent and disruptive incidents reported in New York?

Data regarding violent or disruptive incidents, as well as incidents of, discrimination, harassment, bullying, and cyberbullying, is compiled to comply with New York State reporting requirements and to designate schools that are persistently dangerous. (8-CRR-NY §120.5)

What should a school do when an incident is reported?

Each incident reported on a district or school form should have been investigated to determine/verify the facts and to identify the appropriate category for reporting.

How to contact New York State incident management and reporting system?

Questions about any of the information presented on this page can be directed to NIMRS. The NIMRS Unit can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at (518) 474-3619. FAQ’s | Forms | Learning Center. Click on link below to log into NIMRS (Authorized users only):

When to apply for Wiep in NYSED schools?

When a district school is notified by NYSED that it is identified as potentially persistently dangerous (PPD), or when a persistently dangerous (PD) school is petitioning for removal of the PPD or PD designation, the WIEP application may be submitted by the due date specified by NYSED each year.