Where are the most car accidents in Florida?

Where are the most car accidents in Florida?

Accident Data Center covers accidents in all areas of Florida. Ft. Myers-Naples accidents: The main cities of the state’s most southwestern area, just north of Everglades National Park. Jacksonville accidents: The largest city in the state, and the largest city by area in the lower-48 states.

What happens if someone dies in an auto accident in Florida?

Whether it’s you, a friend, or a family member that has been injured or killed in an auto accident in Florida, the victim and their relatives could end up facing significant medical bills, lost income, and other costs.

Where is the second largest accident area in Florida?

Tampa-St. Petersburg accidents: The second largest metropolitan statistical area in the state, located north of Ft. Myers along the west coast, on the shores of Tampa Bay. West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce accidents: Located just north of Fort Lauderdale along the east coast.

Where does I-10 begin and end in Florida?

, which enters the state near Jacksonville and continues along the Atlantic Coast through Daytona Beach, the Melbourne/Titusville, Palm Bay, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie, Stuart, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale, before terminating in Downtown Miami, with interchanges with I-10 in Jacksonville and I-4 in Daytona Beach.

Who was killed in a car accident in Florida?

A 71-year-old Ocala woman was killed and a 71-year-old man was seriously injured in a two-vehicle crash around noon on Friday in Marion County, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Read More

Can a foreigner be hurt in a Florida car accident?

If you’re an out of state visitor hurt in a Florida car accident, you may have a case. Your case may be different than the claim of a Florida resident who was hurt in Florida. I wrote a separate article on international (foreign) visitors who are hurt in Florida accidents.

Are there any out of state car accidents in Florida?

You’ll also hear about settlements for rental car accidents involving out of state visitors to Florida. I’ve settled over $900,000 in personal injury claims for out of state residents who were hurt in Florida car accidents. And I’ve learned a tremendous amount on that journey.

Are there any accidents in the Miami area?

Both I-10 and I-95 pass through the area, as well as I-295, an auxiliary route of I-95 that encircles the city. Miami-Fort Lauderdale accidents: The major southeastern coastal cities of the state. Miami is a center for television production, and is the backdrop to many reality TV shows.

How did Florida get so badly hit by covid-19?

Florida is fast becoming America’s latest Covid-19 epicentre. The surge in the Sunshine State has been linked in part to younger Americans – but that doesn’t mean there’s no cause for concern. Like many Covid-19 stories, it started with a dry cough.

When did Florida break the record for most new cases in a day?

On 12 July, the state broke the national record by reporting 15,300 cases in a single day. A Reuters analysis on 12 July found if Florida were a country, it would be fourth in the world for most new cases in a day.

Where was the car crash in Miami Florida?

One person was killed and multiple people were injured after a car crash on Quail Roost Drive Sunday afternoon. According to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, five to six people were involved in the crash, which took place near southwest 113th Avenue and Quail Roost Drive.

Where was the accident on I-95 in Florida?

Florida Highway Patrol says the incident occurred at around 2:45 p.m. on Thursday. A motorcycle was traveling north in the express lanes of I-95 near northwest 119th Street when they collided into a Lexus sedan,…

Where was the rollover crash in Hollywood Florida?

Two people were killed and two others were hospitalized after a fatal rollover crash in Hollywood Friday morning. Florida Highway Patrol officials said the incident happened when a vehicle traveling southbound on the exit ramp to Hollywood Boulevard from Interstate 95 lost control and crashed into another vehicle at the intersection.

Where was the fatal crash in Fort Lauderdale?

Police in Fort Lauderdale are investigating a fatal crash that occurred shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday. Officers said the crash took place in the 200 block of SW 17th Street. An initial investigation showed the car was headed westbound on SW 17th Street when the driver lost control of the vehicle and struck several trees.

Where are the accidents in West Palm Beach?

West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce accidents: Located just north of Fort Lauderdale along the east coast. Cut through by I-95. Florida Bicycle Association is a non-profit with a mission to to be a state where bicycling is safe, respected and encouraged as a means of transportation and recreation.

Are there any accidents in Lake Worth Florida?

Residents of Lake Worth are raising concerns over the Tri-Rail crossing at 6th Avenue. WPTV Palm Beach reports that an additional signal delay is causing motorists to take additional risks, despite it being a safety procedure from the rail company itself.

What happens if you have a golf cart accident?

If you sustain a personal injury caused by a golf cart accident or crash, consider hiring an attorney. You may be entitled to have your medical bills, lost wages and any damages you incurred paid by the owner of the golf cart or your insurance company.

Where are golf cart accidents on the rise in Florida?

One such community is known as The Villages located about 60 miles northwest of Orlando. It’s therefor not surprising that the number of golf cart crash related accidents and injuries is dramatically rising throughout Florida, as well as the rest of the nation.

Who was the driver of the car that hit the golf cart?

The car, which was driven by Sunny Isles resident Eduard Hiutin, crashed into the golf cart, causing its driver and passengers, ages 11, 13, 14 and 15, to be ejected onto the street. The children were transported by ambulance to the trauma unit at Delray Medical Center, where one was treated for a catastrophic injury.

What was the golf cart accident in the villages?

The Villages was also in the media spotlight several years ago for another case that centered around a golf cart accident. In that particular case a resident was driving on a public road, was hit by a passing car and crashed his cart into another stopped golf cart driven by another Village resident. The accident resulted in serious injuries.