Who is Kristin from the wrong house sitter?

Who is Kristin from the wrong house sitter?

When he meets Kristin, his problem is solved because she seems like the perfect housesitter. But his problems are actually just starting as Kristin sets up house: she poses as his new girlfriend and has no plans to leave his home or his life. Written by Lifetime Did You Know?

How did Kristen get out of the House?

However, when Mary came back to the house, Kristen decided to run out the backdoor to try to dodge the two. Then Dan confirmed with Debbie that the police “have no sign of Kristen” three weeks later. This is a rare ending for a Lifetime movie.

Can a real estate agent show up unannounced at a rental home?

Remember the more accommodating you are during the sale process, the faster it could be sold and this whole ordeal will be over. It is not acceptable for a real estate agent to just show up and enter the property unannounced. They must provide advanced noticed according to your state laws for entering the property.

Can a landlord ask a guest to leave a house?

Some states even say it’s acceptable to ask the person to leave and remove his belongings, no eviction notice or legal action necessary, as long as rent wasn’t exchanged. If you’re a reluctant landlord trying to evict a guest from your house, the first thing you need to do is establish how your state classifies this (now) unwelcome visitor.

When to tell your landlord you want a roommate?

If you’re afraid that your partner does not, in fact, meet the good-tenant requirements, it’s still a good idea to let your landlord know you want to add a roommate, and try to work it out. If the landlord is really strict, you may end up needing to find another place with your partner.

What to do if a tenant refuses to vacate a house?

If your tenant still refuses to vacate the premises after he receives an eviction notice, he is now in violation of a court order and you can call law enforcement to remove him. The sheriff or the sheriff’s deputies will evict your tenant.

Can a landlord raise the security deposit for roommates?

Keep in mind that if the deposit is already at the maximum, but the landlord raises the rent for the new occupant, the maximum security deposit goes up, too. People sharing a rental unit usually have certain expectations of each other as roommates. We recommend that you write them down.